Sloppy Joes – 3/22/2012

Since you are letting me show you all these old pictures of food, here is my dinner tonight. A roll (look familiar from a breakfast 😮 ), baked fries and sloppy joes from scratch. The sloppy joe recipe is adapted from the ever famous pioneer woman. Since I don’t have a ranch full of people to feed, I cut the seasoning in half and used one pound of beef. The fries are fairly easy to make. Take a russet potato, peel, cut and toss in olive oil. Toss in any seasoning – I used Pasta Sprinkle from Penzey’s spices here. Then bake at 400 something for 10-15 minutes depending on the oven and voila! Fries that are tasty and healthy. A filling dinner that was actually pretty healthy. For anyone interested, the weight watchers points plus (Yes, I am one of those :P) for all of this is only 10.

Sorry about the over exposure. I am not sure how to take these low light pictures yet and I shake too much to take them without the flash. I will probably end up having to puy a tripod and make a little lighting thing eventually. Thanks for the patience!


Breakfasts – Non eggs :)

As you can see below, I really don’t eat many breakfasts without eggs. These are the only two that I have in my picture library.

From scratch pancakes, syrup and turkey sausage. This is the butterball smoked turkey sausage. It is not too bad. You can definitely tell that it is turkey sausage, but it has a good flavor and has never been dry like some I have used. I actually have some pictures of the pancakes as I am making them, but didn’t post them. I think this site is going to be about the finished project, unless there is a cry out for more pictures – lol.


Now this one is really embarrassing, but posting for full disclosure. Frozen waffles and god only knows what kind of sausage. I am eating it at work – I can tell by the plate. Just so you know, I don’t live in the kitchen. I am human 🙂

Breakfast – Eggs

Let’s start with some older breakfasts!

This is cheddar eggs and turkey sausage. I made the turkey sausage by mixing ground turkey with breakfast sausage seasoning. There is something missing from the seasoning, but I can’t figure out what. Of course a biscuit, but it is one from the freezer.


Next up is eggs topped with Mozzarella cheese, scrambled with sausage. This is the real stuff, just lower fat. Any green stuff you see is parsley, I am not a fan of veggies in my eggs 🙂 On the side, simple potatoes and onions.

Last, but not least, some eggs with mozzarella and a different type of turkey sausage. Toast and milk to finish. Can you tell I like to have things in my eggs? Next – Non-egg breakfasts 🙂

Bad first post

You know the ones, the awkward introduction to why someone is starting a blog and all that jazz. Well, I wanna post pictures of my food and sometimes talk about my food. That’s it 🙂 These ones that I will start with are all older. I will be adding new ones, but I wanna show off the other ones, too 😉