Breakfast – Eggs

Let’s start with some older breakfasts!

This is cheddar eggs and turkey sausage. I made the turkey sausage by mixing ground turkey with breakfast sausage seasoning. There is something missing from the seasoning, but I can’t figure out what. Of course a biscuit, but it is one from the freezer.


Next up is eggs topped with Mozzarella cheese, scrambled with sausage. This is the real stuff, just lower fat. Any green stuff you see is parsley, I am not a fan of veggies in my eggs 🙂 On the side, simple potatoes and onions.

Last, but not least, some eggs with mozzarella and a different type of turkey sausage. Toast and milk to finish. Can you tell I like to have things in my eggs? Next – Non-egg breakfasts 🙂


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