Sloppy Joes – 3/22/2012

Since you are letting me show you all these old pictures of food, here is my dinner tonight. A roll (look familiar from a breakfast 😮 ), baked fries and sloppy joes from scratch. The sloppy joe recipe is adapted from the ever famous pioneer woman. Since I don’t have a ranch full of people to feed, I cut the seasoning in half and used one pound of beef. The fries are fairly easy to make. Take a russet potato, peel, cut and toss in olive oil. Toss in any seasoning – I used Pasta Sprinkle from Penzey’s spices here. Then bake at 400 something for 10-15 minutes depending on the oven and voila! Fries that are tasty and healthy. A filling dinner that was actually pretty healthy. For anyone interested, the weight watchers points plus (Yes, I am one of those :P) for all of this is only 10.

Sorry about the over exposure. I am not sure how to take these low light pictures yet and I shake too much to take them without the flash. I will probably end up having to puy a tripod and make a little lighting thing eventually. Thanks for the patience!


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