Sonoma Chicken Salad – Whole Foods Recipe

This is from my Whole Foods Cookbook. Not too many pictures because it was just chicken salad. I only made half the recipe and still ended up with a decent amount. I actually got 4 nice portions out of it instead of the 3 I was expecting from the half portion.

Here you go
Sauce ingredients:

Rest of the ingredients minus the celery – forgot it in the pic

All mixed up – isn’t it pretty?

I tasted it, but I haven’t actually had any for a meal yet.  I was on a hot dog kick after I started making it.  It is really good.  I am slightly nervous about the pecans, though.  I am afraid they will be mushy if they sit for too long.  I am having it on a piece of toast tomorrow for lunch with some watermelon.  I can’t wait!!

Through the magic of internet (HA) – here is my lunch today.  I really had to smush it on there to make it fit.  It was very good.  I didn’t get to have any watermelon because it had gone had at work 😛  This is definitely going to be a summer staple.  It’s going in the hand-written book!!

(EDIT TO ADD)  It would help if I actually posted the picture (facepalm)


Oven thermometer opens my eyes!

I picked up an oven thermometer today in light of my recent burnt cake.  I discovered that my oven runs about 50 to 75 degrees too hot!!  When I first put it in and turned the oven to 375, when the oven said it was pre-heated, the thermometer only read 300!  I bumped up the heat – mistake.  That took it into the 400s.  Luckily I am just oven poaching some chicken for two upcoming recipes, so not too much damage.  I am going to have to take some time and find out how far it is off and if it can even hold a temperature.  If not, I am going to get the apt management involved…one of the few perks in renting 🙂  I will update when I do the full testing.

Non-food post

I was planning on adding a new recipe tonight, but I am not sure if that will happen.  Let me explain a little.  It has been a rough few months here in the noname world.  First, it was my Great Aunt passing away.  Then, it was my friend Jessie suddenly.  Next, I find out about my friend’s father and another friend’s grand father.  After that, my friend Marcia.  Yep – it’s been like that since MARCH!  Five total.  Tonight is the first viewing I have been to for all of them.  My Great Aunt was in another state.  They just had a gathering for Jessie.  The friend’s father I found out about 2 weeks after (!!) and the grandfather I never received details on.


I really don’t do well at these things.  I know a lot of people don’t, but it is especially bad for me.  I have a hard time getting them out of my memory looking like that.  I have a hard time controlling the tears.  Luckily, I will not be there by myself, but I am not sure that I will feel up to cooking.  It seems like it is too much at the moment.  Tonight might just be a night for friends and beverages.


What went wrong??

A coworker that usually works remotely was in the office this week.  We were talking one day over IM and I promised her that I would make a cake for the week she was in.  I decided on a lemon pound cake.  It was going well until…..



Mixing the batter


Ready to bake


WTF?  I have no idea how this keeps happening.  Burnt, split (yes, I do know it;s upside down;) )The worst part is I usually have to leave the cake in longer than the suggested cooking time.  I may have to invest in an oven thermometer to make sure that it is the correct temp.  That is the only thing that I can think of that would cause this.


I forged ahead and glazed the cake.  It looks good, but other people are supposed to eat this!!  I am so embarrassed.  I told them all I was making it, too.  I suppose with the other cakes the batter was dark enough that it didn’t look that bad.  I really hope it isn’t going to be a big flop 😦  I’m gonna have to leave a note that it is over done or something


Nevermind – figured out what I did wrong.

Baked Quinoa and Chicken Parmesan

I made this new recipe this week.  It is not bad, but I just don’t think there is a substitute for regular pasta.  Quinoa is a new thing for me, too, I just prefer it as a side dish.  This post’s recipe came from a website I just stumbled on.  There are a lot of recipes on the site that I am excited to try.  From here.

Ingredients (missing olive oil and chicken):

Sauce cooking

Quinoa cooked

The recipe has the chicken being cooked in water.  Instead, I used this:

I love this thing.  It is a Cuisinart Griddler.  I use it ALL the time.  Simple to throw some chicken on or make a panini.  I am not a fan of the open face griddle feature – it doesn’t really keep the temperature very well.  I haven’t tried it in a long time.  I may throw some eggs on it soon and see how it works for that.  I’ve been using a non-stick wok for scrambled eggs…….wow – that was a long unrelated tangent 😉

I was going to take a picture of it all mixed up, but it looked disgusting.  Trust me.  Then, I forgot to take a picture before putting in the oven.  So here it is all cooked up:)

All of them

One serving

It’s not bad, but since I made it into single servings, I don’t think I would try and put the cheese in the middle – just all on top.  I wouldn’t use the breadcrumbs again either.  I never really saw the point of them on top of casseroles.  Never did anything for me.  I don’t know if I would make it again.  Not that it was bad, I would just prefer pasta.  Maybe use the rest of the recipe, but not quinoa.

A few more recipe posts will be on the way!  Cake and another chicken recipe from the website I got this one from 😀

Not much cooking last week :/

So I didn’t do as much cooking as I thought I would last week.  I even forgot to just take pictures of the food!!  Talk about brain fart!!  I do have a new recipe for you, I just need to write out the post tonight.

I am also trying to figure out what I should cook in the upcoming week – Mexican Chicken Pizza?  Chicken Tamale Pie?  Potato-Salmon Patties?  Not sure in the least.  They are all things I do want to try, though.  Anything sound particularly interesting to you?

Signing off – until tonight!! 🙂