Red Velvet – oh yea!

Yes, I believe this does deserve it’s own post. This, my friends. Is my very first Red Velvet cake in bundt form. I made cream cheese frosting to go with it, even though I think glazes are better with bundt cakes. First time frosting a cake, too. It doesn’t look very good, but I tell you what, that frosting is the BOMB! If the cakes is even half as good this is going to be a huge hit. I didn’t use all of the icing though. I think it would have been WAY too much. If it would’ve looked anything like the ones in the book, I would have been mortified. The only question now, is how do I transport it an hour away? :/


Plus this

Equals this


Equals this

Combine the two and you get a giant marshmallow looking thingy that is a cake 😀


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