Food from the week

This week wasn’t as rife with recipes as I would like (more to come soon, though) – BUT I do have some food pictures for you 🙂 All of these, but the last is a homemade creation.

First, we have chicken, peppers and onion in a tortilla.

This was an especially good lunch. TJ’s fish sticks with home made bacon-cheese fries. I put spicy seasoning on the before baking them. The buttermilk ranch in the background was a perfect compliment.

Now, I don’t know if there are enough posts to know this, but I do eat a lot of chicken. Sometimes it is a bit of a challenge coming up with creative, tasty, healthy way to use up leftovers. I came up with this a little bit ago. It’s chicken parmesan over mini cheese raviolis.

First uses the grilled chicken left over from the first picture

Second uses the fried chicken left over from the previous post – sorry about the bad picture, it was taken with my iPod at work. Harsh florescent lights.

And a present for the end – another version of the Red Velvet cake. This one has no dye because I ran out. And instead of the icing, I made a glaze to go over it. Basically because I didn’t have any cream cheese left 😮

Coming soon – many many more recipe – including one later 🙂 .


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