Sonoma Chicken Salad – Whole Foods Recipe

This is from my Whole Foods Cookbook. Not too many pictures because it was just chicken salad. I only made half the recipe and still ended up with a decent amount. I actually got 4 nice portions out of it instead of the 3 I was expecting from the half portion.

Here you go
Sauce ingredients:

Rest of the ingredients minus the celery – forgot it in the pic

All mixed up – isn’t it pretty?

I tasted it, but I haven’t actually had any for a meal yet.  I was on a hot dog kick after I started making it.  It is really good.  I am slightly nervous about the pecans, though.  I am afraid they will be mushy if they sit for too long.  I am having it on a piece of toast tomorrow for lunch with some watermelon.  I can’t wait!!

Through the magic of internet (HA) – here is my lunch today.  I really had to smush it on there to make it fit.  It was very good.  I didn’t get to have any watermelon because it had gone had at work 😛  This is definitely going to be a summer staple.  It’s going in the hand-written book!!

(EDIT TO ADD)  It would help if I actually posted the picture (facepalm)


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