Random Resurrection

Lastly are two dishes that really didn’t fit in the other categories too much.

First is Crumbed Turkey Steaks.  I forget where I got this recipe, but I won’t be making it again.  The combination of butter and oil and fresh bread crumbs made for an oily meal.  Plus, I think I prefer turkey roasted than any other form.  I don’t know if i would even make this with chicken……at least it looks pretty!

Next are Zucchini Boats – I wasn’t a huge fan of the original recipe.  I think it’s because I am not a huge zucchini fan – lol.  Here they are originally:

And THIS is what I did to them.  These were outstanding!  I would make these again.


Hope you enjoyed all the posts!!


Beef Resurrection

Only two beef recipes.  I made Beef Stroganoff, but the picture was horrible, so I didn’t include it here.  I want to make it again, so I will try again then and post the whole thing.

This one isn’t too good looking either, but I assure you it tastes better than it looks – 😆  It is from a cookbook by someone named Meta Givens (same cookbook I used for the beef stroganoff).  It’s for Beef and Onions, but I didn’t like the gravy and started adding a bunch of things left and right.  I liked the end result, but didn’t love.  It was kind of sweet which was odd.  I want to revisit it and see if I can make it savory.  I served it over mashed potatoes (instant!! :oops:)

Next is another that was done on the spur of the moment.  I had leftover beef, frozen cauliflower and fresh broccoli.  I made the beef and peppers sauce from my chinese cookbook and used that over top.  Instead of rice, I made orzo.  OMG!

Chicken Resurrection

Could there be old photos without a plethora of chicken?

First up came from online: Pineapple Chicken Stir Fry.  It was good, simple, but nothing that would make me jump up and down to make it again.  I think I kept it in the recipe rotation because it was so simple.

Next is Basil Prosciutto Chicken that came from one of my many Betty Crocker cookbooks.  It was very good the night I made it (served with the goat cheese risotto from the previous post) but the huge basil leaves kind of grossed me out when I them.  Maybe if I chopped them up and sprinkled them under the prosciutto.  I can still get the flavor but not feel like I just went outside and picked up some leaves :/

This is just your basic roasted chicken….but it was my first one that looked so good!  It was fantastic.  I actually but some seasoned butter under the skin before roasting.  I served it with the PW mac and cheese in the previous post.  I want to make this again.  Maybe soon

Homemade Jambalaya (forgot I put sausage in it.  I think it is Andouille)!  I believe from another Betty Crocker cookbook.  It was good.  I haven’t made it since because I am ok with the Zatarain’s mix, and it is MUCH less work.  I would make this for company, though.

Finally, from the Whole Foods cookbook, Southwest King Ranch Casserole.  I really liked this, but I want to make changes when I make it again:  Make it into actual enchilada type things.  Mix some of the ingredients together instead of trying to layer them on round tortillas in a rectangular pan.  But the actual taste was fantastic.

Pasta and Rice resurrection

Hmmmm, what do we have here?  My favorite!  Pasta!   And one lonely risotto dish – lol.  Let’s get the risotto out of the way first.

This was made from the same vegetarian cookbook as the potato pizza in the previous post.  It is Sun Dried Tomato and Goat Cheese Risotto.  I wasn’t a huge fan of it.  Partially be cause of the tomatoes and partially because of my inexperience in making risotto.

Next we have ANOTHER recipe from the vegetarian cookbook.  I added some shrimp as you can see, but it really didn’t add anything and I ended taking it out.  This is Shredded Vegetable Lo Mein with buckwheat soba noodles.  SOOO GOOD!

Now, on to the soul-warming pastas.  First, we have the Pioneer Woman’s mac and cheese.  I did make some changes to try and make it a little more healthy.  I still wanted to eat the whole thing out of the dish it was baked in 😀

These next two don’t have a recipe.  I made them up from by very own brain!!  Scary, right?  The shells were made in an attempt to use up a garlic and spinach chicken sausage I had from Trader Joe’s and had declared BLECH on.  I mixed it with some cheese filling and stuffed it into shells.  They were very good.  This was also an attempt to have stylized plating 🙄

Another similar made up recipe is these lasagna rolls.  There were soooo many vegetables in the sauce, it blew my mind because it tasted so good.  I think I have tomatoes, regular jar sauce, shredded carrots, spinach, onions and that’s all I can remember – lol.  They are just two lasagna noodles with a basic cheese filling rolled up, then I put more cheese under the sauce since I had left overs.  And I topped it with grated parm and romano cheese from Trader Joe’s.  I ended up giving some of these away – even through they were good.  I just can’t do that many servings of anything!!


Pizza resurrection

Here are some pizzas I have made over the years.

This one of the first recipes I made and posted a picture, so there are no ingredient photos for it.  It is from a vegetarian cookbook I own called New Vegetarian Cuisine.  It was really good.  I did make some changes to the original recipe, though for ease.  I would definitely make it again….maybe with chicken on it or something

Potato Pizza:


I made both of these on the same day.  It was a new recipe for the dough and the first time I made pizza dough from scratch (the one above is a Mama Mary’s Thin Crust)

Pepperoni.  I made this one spicy with some Pizza Seasoning and crushed red pepper flakes.  I put that plus the (turkey?)pepperoni underneath the cheese.

BBQ Chicken Pizza!!  I loved this one.  I used one of my favorite BBQ Sauces – Sweet Baby Ray’s to make this.

As promised….

Here are some older pictures of food that I cooked as promised…..maybe a little late, but there was an urgent thing I had to do last night!  The X-Men x-box game was calling to be played!  Mainly because my friend stopped over, but still.  We beat it!  Does that help? 🙂

Luckily, I managed to grab some photos from the computer at home and bring them to work.  I actually have 19 total pictures.  I thought that this might be too many for 1 post, so I broke it up into different categories: Pizza, Pasta/Rice, Chicken, Beef and ones that didn’t really fit any where (Random).

I will update this post with links to the pages as I finish them.  Yummy, new-to-you food on the way!!  Let me know if there are any that you want to see full posts of and I will see what I have……or make it again 😉

Some older meals appearing later today

Before I started this blow, I had a thread that I stored these types of posts on.  It just hit me that I could probably post some of those here for you and they would be new to you!  I will put a couple up tonight and you can decide which ones you want more pictures of – if they have them.  There are a couple that only have a final dish picture.  You can at least see how my photography “skills” have improved 😀

Until tonight!!