Chicken Tamale Pie – Surprising result

I am not a fan of cornbread or creamed corn.  Really any corn that isn’t kernels or attached to a cob, so why did I decide to make this recipe?  Beats the crap outta me!  I was really surprised because I liked it.  I would have preferred it to be more like a crust than sweet corn mush, but even with that, I don’t think I will be sharing this one with my human disposal 😉

From here: Chicken Tamale Pie <– I finally figured out links – HA 😀


The crust all mixed up.  Basically everything but the chicken, cheese and some taco seasoning – lol

I forgot to take a picture of the crust baked – bad blogger!!  Here is the crust after being stabbed with a fork and had enchilada sauce poured on before being covered in the chicken and cheese.

All baked and gooey

Cut up and ready to serve.  As you can see, I apparently need to take a special pie cutting class.  I can only cut 8 slices evenly.  Any other way and there’s no telling what you’re gonna get.

If you followed the post link, you can see that she put cojita cheese and cilantro on top.  Well, I forgot about my cilantro and couldn’t find the cojita cheese.  I also agree that I really couldn’t really get a good picture of a single serving.  It does heat up really well.  Also – if you decide to make this – be sure to use a deep dish pie plate.  I didn’t have any issues with over flow or anything using that.

I really want to make another recipe from a cookbook, but it calls for frozen artichoke hearts.  I have no idea where to get that from.  My last ditch effort is Trader Joe’s tomorrow.  Any other ideas?


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