Frustration – killer of any recipe joy

Today, I made the recipe located here – Mexican Chicken Pizza. I have been meaning to make this all week, but the idea of going out was far more interesting than cooking – after this disaster, I was correct!


Dough all mixed.

At this point, I should have just stopped and used everything to make a wonderous pasta dish. It started with my corn meal being bad. If you look at the above ingredients, you will notice mine expired in 2008. Oops. I decided to grab the flour that looked about the same:

Yep, that’s semolina. The dough was horrifyingly sticky. I don’t know if it was because of the replacement or not.  But even when I went back to stretch the dough, this happened:

I tried to stretch the dough – of course that didn’t work. It started sticking to the cookie sheet, too. I found my trusty rolling pin and parchment paper. This, of course, was a challenge too. Everything kept moving, my pin didn’t have enough room half the time because my counters are tiny, the dough broke, etc.

This was the final shape – crappy, right?

During all of this, I was drying my peppers and onion on a paper towel because they were frozen and apparently turn to mush. I never realized that because the only other thing I use the peppers for is sloppy joes. They are supposed to be mushy then.

The tomatoes are draining over a container because I hated the thought of wasting all that goodness. I have the idea that I am going to use the sauce for something else. We’ll see if that actually works out.

The dough finishes baking and I put all the toppings on and at the same time realizing the printed recipe has a typo. I have to stop and get more cheese.

Then I use this to add some extra seasoning:

Only after I sprinkled did I remember that the chicken already had seasoning on it. Chicken, that I messed up on the dicing and ended up with longer strips for most of the meat, but forgot about it until putting it on the pizza.

Ready to go:


Final Dish:

The flavors aren’t bad, but the dough is weak and needs salt. In fact, at one point, I remember asking myself if I added the salt. I couldn’t remember, but didn’t want to add extra and make it extra salty. Am I glad I fought through and made this? Not this time. Maybe the cornmeal actually made that big of a difference, but the end result isn’t good enough for me to want to try again. If you look at the original recipe, there are no seasonings at all. Even adding the two that I did really didn’t affect it.  Bottom line is that I have leftovers I really don’t want and I won’t be making it again.  The cherries and pineapple?  Oh Yea – lol.


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