Chicken Resurrection

Could there be old photos without a plethora of chicken?

First up came from online: Pineapple Chicken Stir Fry.  It was good, simple, but nothing that would make me jump up and down to make it again.  I think I kept it in the recipe rotation because it was so simple.

Next is Basil Prosciutto Chicken that came from one of my many Betty Crocker cookbooks.  It was very good the night I made it (served with the goat cheese risotto from the previous post) but the huge basil leaves kind of grossed me out when I them.  Maybe if I chopped them up and sprinkled them under the prosciutto.  I can still get the flavor but not feel like I just went outside and picked up some leaves :/

This is just your basic roasted chicken….but it was my first one that looked so good!  It was fantastic.  I actually but some seasoned butter under the skin before roasting.  I served it with the PW mac and cheese in the previous post.  I want to make this again.  Maybe soon

Homemade Jambalaya (forgot I put sausage in it.  I think it is Andouille)!  I believe from another Betty Crocker cookbook.  It was good.  I haven’t made it since because I am ok with the Zatarain’s mix, and it is MUCH less work.  I would make this for company, though.

Finally, from the Whole Foods cookbook, Southwest King Ranch Casserole.  I really liked this, but I want to make changes when I make it again:  Make it into actual enchilada type things.  Mix some of the ingredients together instead of trying to layer them on round tortillas in a rectangular pan.  But the actual taste was fantastic.


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