Pasta for breakfast? Oh yea!

I follow quite a few blogs daily  – some cooking, some not, but I am always on the look out for new things to try.  When a post about pasta for breakfast popped up, I knew I had to try it.  I am a lover of many different ways of eating pasta.  I don’t think that I have met a pasta dish I didn’t like, but I was still skeptical about this.  I only made half a recipe.

I used the deli ham I had in my fridge rather than buy a ham steak for the recipe.  I think it worked out well, but will have to try regular ham next time.

Sauce mixed up

My beautiful pasta.  This is my favorite pasta to use.  It’s so colorful and VERY filling.

Mixed all together.  I actually added the pasta back into the bowl.  It was easier to mix that way.  I was afraid if I poured the sauce over it, all the ham would sit on top and not be mixed throughout.

Covered with cheese and ready to bake

When I first pulled it out, it was only baking for about 25 minutes.  I didn’t want it to be in there too long since it was a half recipe.  I cut into it to check the inside and saw that ut was still liquid in the middle.  I put it back in because it didn’t seem right to me.  I baked it for the whole 45 minutes in the original recipe.  This might have been just a little too long.

It was good, big servings.  I will definitely be making this again – maybe with smaller, but more servings served with a side of fruit. I also think the seasonings need to be doubled.  I could taste the garlic wonderfully, but realized I had added a whole clove instead of half.  I think her idea (on the original recipe) of trying to make it into a dinner casserole is a good one.  I also think I might try gouda cheese next time.  I love the pairing of ham and gouda

Here is the not so good picture of my serving


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