Crumb Cake = dessert for breakfast

When browsing through the clearance cookbook section, I came across a book called The Best of The Best and I grabbed it, intrigued.  I glanced through the recipes and knew I had to buy it.  I didn’t look very close so I didn’t notice it was from 2005.  No biggie.  As I looked through with more attention, I realized how many recipes I wanted to make in it.  I marked all of them and set it aside into the oblivion that is my cookbook collection.  While doing some menu planning, I grabbed it intending to make some delicious dinner.  But all the ones I wanted to make seemed to be better suited for winter instead of 100 degree temps.  What do I do?  Select a cake that has to be baked for 40 mins (facepalm).  I never said I was rational 🙂

Ingredients – simplicity at its best.  The only thing I strayed from the original recipe on is the milk and the butter.  I didn’t have whole milk, so I went with what I had.  The butter used was supposed to be all unsalted, but I read the recipe wrong.  I had to supplement with salted butter – using every drop of butter in the house – lol

The start of the crumb topping.  OMG – It smelled so good, I wanted to take a spoon and just start eating it……or pouring it over ice cream….yeaaaaa, that would be good (Inserts Homer Simpson drool)

Crumb top completed.

Wet and dry ready to combine for the cake

Ready to be crumbed!!  Kind of sounds dirty doesn’t it?  😆


All baked.  Doesn’t that look good?  It is slightly over done, but that is my fault.  I wasn’t sure if the tester came out clean or it was just the crumb topping.  I put it back in for about 5 more minutes total.  The thermometer that I bought helped immensely with not burning the cake this time.

I am taking it to work for my coworkers.   We had a pretty rough week last week.  That means that I can’t cut into it yet :(.  But it also means that I won’t be tempted to eat an entire cake by myself 🙂


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