Crumb cake – update

I brought the Crumb Cake to work today and called it “Coffee Cake” so people wouldn’t feel guilty about eating cake in the morning 😉  I noticed with the first piece gone that there was a lot of the topping still there.  I cut myself a piece – to test of course…… and about half the topping fell off.  It was dried and didn’t stick very well.  Not sure if it needs less flour, less baking time or maybe I just need to press it down more into a crust like topping.  Maybe even only use half the topping recipe.  It definitely doesn’t need more butter, I could taste that.  The cake itself was good.  Using skim milk was a little noticeable to me – especially after having cake using whole milk.  I don’t regret using it, though.  I will have to try it the next time, though.  The only problem is that I always end up wasting the leftover whole milk.  I have no pets, kids or significant other to feed it to.  I cannot stand the taste of it, so I definitely won’t drink it.  😛


Thoughts for next time:
– Use whole milk
– Bake only for the exact time – no more
– Try pressing the crumbs down more



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