Chicken Fajitas

I wanted a quick dinner tonight and I always wanted to try making fajitas.  I dived in head first without a recipe.  Since I have never made it before, the biggest concern is the seasonings.  Other than that, fajitas are just peppers, onions and fixins, right?

Simple Ingredients:

See that taco seasoning in the picture?  Ignore it.  I didn’t use it.  I actually used this instead:

I wouldn’t recommend it.  Oddly enough, I felt like I was eating Indian flavored fajitas.  Next time, I will stick to my trusty Taco Seasoning.  In the picture, there are 2 chicken breasts.  I cleaned them, cut them into strips, covered them with 1 tsp of oil and seasoning to my heart’s desire.  That basically means shaking, mixing, shaking some more until I come out with this:

I put another tsp of olive oil in my non-stick wok.  I cooked the chicken until it was done one one side and flipped it over:

Turned up the heat to compensate for the frozen veggies, then threw them in, too.

More cooking:

The frozen veggies did add a lot of extra water that I was trying to cook off.  Next time, I will buy fresh and cook them lightly so they are still crispy.  Not to say that these were bad – just a little….floppy – lol

All done:

This is what was left in the pan after I made my dinner.  I added the cheese before I realized that you probably wanted to see what it looked like when it was all done.  I added these ingredients to make my dinner (like the collage :D)

And voila – dinner

It was good, but the chicken was somewhat bland.  I think all the extra water from the vegetables had something to do with that.  Next time – if I use frozen veggies, I will cook them separately.  Regardless, I think this was a success.  The cilantro and chive yogurt dip is proving very resourceful.  I have a potato patties recipe that I want to try it with.  This will make a wonderful lunch tomorrow for only 400 calories!


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