Beef Pie (aka Apology Pie)

I stumbled on this recipe years ago.  I love it’s simplicity and wonderful taste.  Sadly, it looks as though the author of the blog has not kept up with her blog.  I have tried it with chicken and my advices is….don’t.  It wasn’t as tender or moist.  Just not as good at all.  I also recommend making the recipe with chunks of potatoes instead of slices.  That’s just a personal preference for me though.  It may be because the slices I used were ultra thin.  I just liked the chunks better.


Missing the crust and obviously there are a few other adjustments from the original recipe.  I didn’t use zucchini because I am not a big fan.  I replaced it with a carrot.  The original recipe calls for an entire onions, but this is all I had.  Because of budgetary reasons (not getting paid until Monday 😕 ).  I also didn’t have the required 2 cups of broth.  I added some water and some some of the vegetable seasoning and base you see in the picture.

The recipe said to brown the meat after coating with the flour.  No fat or anything made it difficult as you can see:

I tried to add some fat, but it was too little too late.  Next time I will add butter before browning.  Maybe if I had a non-stick pan, it would be easier.  I am not sure how I did it before.  Being as patience is not a virtue I hold, I decided to forge ahead and throw the broth in to cook the meat.

I was originally going to add only one potato, but it didn’t look like enough and I added another half potato.  Cut up the carrot and threw them in.

Honestly, you could just eat it here after it simmers for a bit.  It basically tastes like stew right now.  I love stew.  Beef and gravy and I am happy.  But seeing as I am making a pie, I put it in the crust like so:

And baked until it looked like this

Up close and personal.

It was more runny than I remember.  Maybe I only added a can of broth previously?  I was going to let it sit for a bit so it would, um, not sure of the right word to use here.  Congeal sounds gross.  Harden sounds unappetizing.  Be not so runny?  Why is this word eluding me?  Maybe I need a nap.  Regardless, I was too hungry and impatient to wait and therefore, I didn’t get a picture of it plated.  THICKEN!  That’s the word I was looking for.  Wait for it to thicken – whew!  🙂

I enjoyed it regardless of the runniness.  I think I always will.  It is basically stew in a pie crust.  I love pie crust and I love stew.  I just used Pillsbury ready made pie crust.  It is tasty and I am lazy – lol.  Seriously, quick, comfort food like this, who wants to spend time making crust from scratch.  This and a good chicken pastry recipe and I am in heaven.  Maybe that should be a requirement for a husband check list.  Must be able to make chicken pastry 😛


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