Recipe Improvising – Potato Cakes

I have an Irish cookbook that my mom bought me for St. Patty’s day this year.  I hadn’t made anything in it until the other day.  My first choice?  Potato Cakes.  Seemingly easy recipe to start into the cooking of the Emerald Coast.  Yea – cause everything is easy, right?  I think my initial problem may have been the “Starchy” Potatoes ingredient.  I am never quite sure what that actually means.  I used yellow flesh potatoes which I find to be the best tasting… they were on sale the last time I was at the store.


Ready to roll out the dough while the potatoes are cooking

Mashing the potatoes.  Can anyone really get “smooth” potatoes using one of these things?  I have never been able to succeed.

I mixed in the four and rolled it out.  It was looking like it was going to go swimmingly:

Then, I tried to remove the dough from the counter.  Nope.  Not gonna happen.  Of course I had issues, so I got annoyed and this happened:

I am calling it improvising.  I used my wonderous grill along with a cookie scoop to make little round potato pancakes.  I got a decent number of them when I was finished:

The first batch stuck a little but, but I figured out it was kind of like waffles – I had to let it sit on the grill long enough for the potatoes to release.  They definitely need more salt (I always suck at the salt part), but they were good.  I had them with some chicken and corn:

Not bad for a meal composed of mostly similar color foods.  I added Cilantro and Chive Yogurt from Trader Joe’s on the potato cakes.  They weren’t bad.  When I reheated, I threw on some salt and used ketchup.  Much better.  I am trying it with butter next – as the original recipe suggested.  I was really upset when I was having trouble lifting the dough from the counter.  I would try that next time, but I will have to research what exactly starchy potatoes is are.  I think maybe Idaho or baking potatoes?  I better figure it out before I make the next recipe 😀


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