Pancake “Squares”

I am always on the lookout for good, filling breakfast recipes.  When I stumbled on this recipe a while ago, I was ecstatic.  Easy pancakes?  Sign me up!  I made them and was disappointed with the flavor.  It is a simple recipe, but really didn’t have a taste.  I started experimenting with items to add.  I have added everything from vanilla, cinnamon, sugar and chocolate chips.  I love trying new things based on my mood.  It did make it into my recipe book, but I am still working on perfecting it to my tastes.  I would also love to make it more filling.  It started out with 8 servings, but I recently pared it down to 4.  Even with that, some sausage and a glass of milk, I am still hungry about an hour and a half later.  I would love to add fruit on the side, but I can’t at the moment (stupid budget).

Here’s the ingredients I used this time.  My milk went bad, so I used buttermilk – it was the only thing I had in the fridge.

All Mixed up

I then used this

In this

To make this

All baked up

My sad little breakfast.  I didn’t have any syrup and butter totally didn’t provide a suitable substitute.  In fact, it kind of sucked.  Especially since I didn’t even have milk to wash it down.  Sad Face!

Totally not filling.  I am thinking of having peanut butter on it tomorrow to add some protein and maybe make it more filling.  Or ham and cheese…..wonder how that would go.  And just a note about the spray – that is my number one “secret” to things releasing perfectly.  People always ask how my cakes don’t stick.  Any time I am making something that might stick, out the spray comes.  Now, this isn’t your ordinary Pam (personally, I think those things are nasty – just pure chemicals and people use them for EVERYTHING.  Really?  Spray directly on food to save some calories?  I don’t think SO!).  It is a flour spray.  Kind of the new fangled butter and flour coating of the pan.  Works every time and smells delicious 🙂


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