Slow cooker marinara sauce

While looking through blog posts, I ran across a recipe for slow cooker marinara sauce from here.  It looked really good and would go perfect with another recipe I am making.  The only bad part?  I have a hand me down crock pot from my mom.  It makes me a little twitchy to leaving it on all day.  I decided to let it cook over night instead.  At least, then, I would be able to hear Categoriesthe fire alarms if it decides to blow up 🙂

Ingredients.  I know the wine isn’t the best, but I was on a tight budget when I bought the ingredients – especially since I really don’t drink wine and knew the rest would probably go to waste.  Knowing the rule that you should never cook with a wine you wouldn’t drink, I tasted it.  It was surprisingly good.  Not the best, but not crap:

All mixed up

This is how twitchy I am about the slow cooker.  This is the timer I used when I plugged it in and left it over night

This is what it looked like the next morning.  At this point, it tasted pretty good.  A little sweet, but still good.

I threw it in the fridge so I could save it for after work.  Dinner time tonight

I am not sure what happened from this morning to tonight, but the sauce turned a bit sour.  I am not sure what happened from this morning to tonight.  The only thing I can think is the wine, but it really wasn’t that bad.  There is no other explanation, really though.  I haven’t given up yet, I want to make this again, but maybe leave out the wine – replace it with broth maybe.  I’ve never had good luck cooking with wine.  Not sure how to salvage what I have though.  Monday, I think I will heat it up on the stove and try some things.  Salt, sugar, maybe some fennel seed.  I wonder if throwing in a carrot would naturally sweeten the sauce – maybe even draw out some of the sourness from the wine.


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