Almond Bundt Cake

Another cake for the worker that only visits the office every couple of months.  Unfortunately, only a couple pieces made it to the office 😦  You’ll see why in a minute.  It was still a good cake.  I only topped it with powdered sugar this time.


Using a trick I learned a while ago, I ground up the almonds.

Yep – that is a mason jar on an Oster blender.  I don’t know if it works for other blenders, but it works swimmingly with Bell jars and Oster.  I have used this to make smoothies for one, too.  Use a normal – not wide mouthed – jar, insert ingredients, screw on and use like a normal blender.  DO NOT USE HOT INGREDIENTS!  These have a risk of the jar exploding because there is no where for the steam to go.  I have never tried it, but have read enough warnings to know better.

All ready to bake

This is what happens when you don’t take the time to put a cooling rack on top of the cake, flip it slowly, then remove the pan from the cake:

Broken cake.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t present desserts that aren’t pristine.  I decided to try and salvage some and took 6 pieces in for my team.  Only 2 were eaten, so I put the rest in the break room.  Only 1 piece remained.  I ate it for once.  And the rest was eaten by a friend 🙂  I can safely say my team is no longer interested in me bringing them dessert.  No problem – I will just always leave it in the break room 😉  At least the rest of the company enjoys it.


Throw together meal

This has been one of those weeks.  Work dragged, I felt like crap and I just didn’t feel like cooking at all.  Today, I am feeling better, but not the best.  I was tired before I even got home from work, but I still needed to get something for dinner.  These are the days that everyone is tempted to just roll through the drive thru and pick something up.  I wanted to do that too, but I knew I had plenty of food in the house.  I decided on a quick throw together meal with things I always have around the house.

Ingredients (yes, I always have pasta and sauce.  Just lucked out with the patties – don’t you keep frozen breaded veggies?  lol)

A quick boil, measure out the sauce and leave that with the pasta on the stove to keep warm.  The patties went into the toaster oven to bake/toast/broil.  Yep – used all of that to get them finished.  Why?  Cause I couldn’t remember how I did it last time that got them all crispy.  Still turned out pretty good.  Look at all this food!!  I sprinkled on some cheese cause I’m fancy like that 🙂

I did take a piece of bread and swipe up all the leftover sauce.  Everyone does that, right?  For all that, I only had 493 calories, 78 carbs, 14 fat and 20 protein.  Not perfect – but a whole lot better than any take-out meal that isn’t a salad.  And cheaper, too.  From the first picture to the last, it was only 25 minutes.  It probably would have been quicker if I could figure out how to cook the patties more efficiently.

I would have room for ice cream (read enough calories and fat in my range), but I can’t have it – see the not feeling well above.  I have asthma that has been acting up.  In addition to not breathing, I have to stay away from dairy products.  So no milk, large amounts of chocolate, ice cream, yogurt, etc.  Way to kick me when I’m down, nature!!  jerk……

Spur of the moment goodness

This past weekend, I bought some single serving, thin crust pizza crusts. I made one pizza and still have two left. I decided to go ahead and try to make a breakfast pizza. I hadn’t planned on posting, but it turned out so well, I wanted to share.

I scrambled one egg and one egg white and cooked it in the microwave until it was almost done. Basically 30 seconds in abowl, but then I thought I wanted it to be the relative shape of the crust, so I poured it onto a plate for the next 30 seconds. Put it on the crust, topped with turkey sausage and cheese. I put it in the toaster oven fora few minutes until the cheese was melted (almost too long!) and voila! Breakfast


Chicken and Potatoes

I made a whole big dinner on Sunday – why?  Who knows.  I just wanted something yummy and comforting.  I decided to try my hand at scalloped potatoes.  I didn’t take pictures of the process because I didn’t know I was going to be posting about it!  Oops – lol.  The recipe is really simple.  Potatoes sliced thin, butter dotted on the layers, flour sprinkled on the layers (before the butter) and salt.  Bake and voila – scalloped potatoes.  I didn’t add enough salt (I never do), but they were still pretty good.  These are nothing like the boxed scalloped potatoes that I was expecting.  I wasn’t expecting the exact same taste, but something slightly similar.  You know, nice and saucy and so addicting taht you just want to eat it with a spoon in one sitting.  Not to say they aren’t good – just not what I was hoping for.  Maybe I sliced the potatoes too thin?  Hopefully, I will have better luck when I try the au gratin potatoes.


I also made a whole chicken.  Not sure why, I only eat the chicken breasts!  I think I am going to pull the rest of the meat off and save it for a soup.  I am pretty sure that is the only way that I can eat dark meat.  I think I want to try and make a chicken stew.  Although, I might just abandon that for a sure fire recipe: Chicken Pot Pie Soup!  So thick and yummy!

Back to the chicken at hand:  This one was done simply – at the same time as the potatoes.  I got butter and rubbed it all over and under the skin – not a pretty job, trust me.  I put a carrot, celery and some onion in the cavity along with a couple bay leaves.  Why?  I don’t know.  I think I read it somewhere 😀  I used Penzey’s Shallot Pepper as the seasoning.  It was FANTASTIC.  I am so excited about this seasoning now.  I may have to go buy a big bag of it.  I don’t really like Lemon Pepper and I think this will be a perfect substitute.  It wasn’t too peppery, but full of flavor.  I even had a piece of skin and i never do that with Lemon Pepper

Finished Chicken:

I had leftovers for a day or two.  Still need to work on the potatoes, though.  I have them on the menu for tonight as a side to a turkey burger.  I think they will be good for breakfast, too.  Kind of like home fries or hash browns.  See – really simple, but seemingly decadent dinner.  The prep wasn’t too long, and the oven did the rest.  Approx 1.5 hours for both at 350.  I had to cover the potatoes for part of it so they wouldn’t burn, but all in all, SUCCESS  😉

Huge Apology and a new way of making Joe Sloppy

I am so sorry!  I thought I had posted the Philly sloppy joe photos, but it turns out I didn’t.  I really didn’t cook this week besides tacos and brats and I was hoping that post would tide you over until I actually cooked.  Looks like I was wrong.  😦  In any case, here it is.  The recipe came from here.  I saw it and was intrigued.

Ingredients.  Don’t worry about the color of the beef – it was all red inside.  Also, I used the bouillon to make the broth because I thought I had some, but didn’t.  Ah well, still tasted ok.

Veggies all cut up

Steaming food – I love pictures of steaming food

Take your buns

Toast them – but not this much.  Although, it didn’t seem to matter.  There was enough juice that it softened up.

Dinner all together.  I couldn’t wait for the cheese to melt – I just dug in!

It was good.  Probably could have used some more seasonings in it.  I got 5 servings out of the recipe, but it did get tiresome after a while – as most things do.  It actually started to taste like just ground beef.  It was a nice change from my normal sloppy joe recipe, but I think I will stick with that one for the most part.  I prefer the saucier ones.

Saturday: 9/15/2012

A very bad no good day.  I had a rough morning due to the drinking and had some major blood sugar issues.  Drank some juice, had a snack and I was better – didn’t take a picture obviously.  More important things.  I made pizza again for lunch, but this time, I used an onion bun instead of the bread.  It wasn’t as good, but it was good enough

The snacks were just some chips and white cheddar corn puffs from Trader Joe’s.  Dinner was also from Trader Joe’s – shrimp and tots.  Later I had more chips which pushed me over my calorie count for the day.  I figured that since the day was shot nutritionally wise, it couldn’t hurt too bad.

Calorie breakdown for today – kind of makes me want to go to the gym tomorrow 😐 .

Totals: 1823 249 64 54
Daily Goals: 1410-1760 146-268 39-64 60-144

I am not posting the pictures because I don’t think that they do any of the food justice.  I am kind of burnt out on the pictures.  To be honest, I am glad this experiment is over.  It was exhausting having to remember to take pictures before you eat.  I don’t know why any one would do it regularly.  It completely ruins the whole dining experience for me.  It’s also really depressing seeing myself eating the same things over and over again.  I prefer to live in the dark about that 😉

I will have some new regular posts coming soon.  I will show you the sloppy joes and some chicken I am making and possibly the pizza boats if I remember to take photos this time!!

Friday: 9/14/2012

Well, I finally completely failed at the photography post today.  I remembered the camera when I went to work, even though I almost forgot it – BUT, I forgot the damn memory card!!  No photos for me today.  It really wasn’t that exciting anyways.  I had the same things again

After Workout Snack:
19 g Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter granola bar

Yes, I weigh just about everything that goes in my mouth.  I guess this will be a peek into the accuracy of my food tracking instead of pictures.  I was really hungry today, so I had another Nature Valley granola bar.  This time, dark chocolate and peanut butter.  The 19 g was just one bar.  Usually, they are really good about 1 bar being 22 grams and the other being about 21 grams.  Roughly the total given on the package.  Nice, huh?  I don’t know what happened to these two.  There were crumbs in the wrapper, but I throw those out instead of trying to weigh them.  It’s usually not enough to be worth it.

1 egg
1/2 slice bacon
150 g potatoes
4 g butter

I took the potatoes I was supposed to have for lunch and put them with breakfast instead of forcing myself to eat another griddlecake that I didn’t really want

Morning Snack:
1 oz Cape Cod chips

Yep.  Chips.  I know it’s not good, but they were already on the menu today, just should have been with lunch instead.  They were supposed to replace the potatoes I moved to breakfast, but I was having a really slow morning and just didn’t want to wait any more.  Down they went!

1 philly sloppy joe
17 g provolone
60 g Cobblestone Onion Roll

Just the normal sloppy joe.  Sans chips and potatoes.  Still filling.  I must say that I am happy to see these be done.  I hate eating the same thing for so long, but I can’t afford to eat out every day like my co-workers.  Besides, I am doing too much work to get healthier to sabotage it by eating crap every day.  Case in point: the two of them go to the gym at lunch almost every day and have been for a while.  They look as though they have lost 0 weight and in 7 weeks, I lost 8.6 – yea, I probably work out more than they do since I got before work and am there at least an hour.  That also means I can eat more 🙂

After Lunch Snack:

1/2 c Chobani Vanilla Fat Free Yogurt
25 g Bear Naked Heavenly Chocolate Granola

I was really wanting something munchy after lunch, but that is all I had.  This is my main problem with chips.  I am surprised I haven’t broken down and eaten the whole bag.  Chips have always been a trigger food for me.  It doesn’t seem to be this time around.  Don’t get me wrong, it is still hard to avoid the temptation, but I am  doing it.  I have not only chips, but pretzels and tortilla chips that haven’t been mindlessly devoured.  I am very excited about the tortilla chips.  I am going to reward myself with tacos this weekend!  Maybe just taco salad, but still!!

.5 serving of Chicken Cordon Bleu pasta

I think it might be time to retire this.  It made me nauseous after I ate it.  I am more nauseous now because I decided to go out last night.  I can’t believe I used to do that 3-4 nights a week – I feel like CRAP now.  I think my decision to cut down was a gooood one.

Calorie breakdown for today – SUUUCKY (x2).










Daily Goals: