Pecan Waffles – A study in impatience

I needed a breakfast to make this weekend while my friends were in town.  I saw this waffle recipe when I was on FoodGawker and knew I had to try it.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to make them for my friends, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t indulge!! 🙂  I am hoping it will be as good as it sounded.  After all, I am giving up my homemade chicken finger leftovers to eat these!  I do wish the fat content was less, but I don’t think it will be a problem on normal days.  I just have so many leftovers from the holiday weekend that aren’t the most healthy.  I was originally going to make this with all white flour, but I broke down and got the whole wheat, too.  (peer pressure!! 😉 ).  I hope I can find some bread recipes to use it that won’t include any other weird ingredients.

Ingredients (getting better at remembering ALL the ingredients 😀 )

Ready to mix.  Since I didn’t have full pecans, I just measured out 1 serving of the chips

Waffle making station all set up

First one.  I switched to a bigger cup measure after this

Didn’t help (facepalm)

Finally! – well, almost.  Can anyone say impatient?

These waffles spread and swell a LOT less than other recipes that I have used.  I have issues with overfilling/underfilling the waffle iron anyway, so I was kind of conservative when I was pouring initially.  For this one, I filled it all up, but just didn’t wait long enough.  I am really ok with that, though.  It will make it perfect to take to work and throw in the toaster oven


Nice waffle, very indulgent, though.  I think between the oil and the nuts, this will be a sometimes food (whoever taught cookie monster that should be shot, btw).  I am glad that my friends weren’t here though – see above with the impatience – I wouldn’t want them to see waffles in that state.  Also, I don’t want to share 😉  Next time I think I want to try adding some cinnamon and toasting the pecans a little bit.  I would like to cut down on the oil used, but I don’t have enough experience in waffle making for that….yet 😮 – lol

Thanks for the recipe and breakfast!! 🙂


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