Spinach Potato thingys (yea, that sounds appetizing)

Doesn’t it though?  This recipe comes from the good old Whole Foods Cookbook.  The official name is Spinach, Garlic and Rosemary Griddlecakes.  Why didn’t I call them that?  Well, first off, I didn’t use Rosemary.  Don’t like it.  Haven’t even had it in my kitchen for years.  Try it again, you say?  HA!  I don’t think so.  I might at some point, but right now, I have no reason to.  I remember faking liking it growing up and I am not about to do that again.  I’m an adult, dammit!  Let me put aside the hat I made and get on with the recipe 😉

I have a confession, though.  I completely forgot that I wanted to share this one with you until I started making it already.  This is definitely going to be a mish mash of photos for you, but I hope not too confusing.


Mashy Mashy potatoes – and yes I did say that when I mashed

Cook and stir the onions.  Honestly?  I just like the way it looks

Combine and move to a bigger bowl because you underestimated the amount of food you will have

Trying to cook them in the pan as directed….FAIL!  I think this would work fine with a non-stick pan.  Another reason I want a cast iron pan.  Those get to be non-stick as you use them.  The one I scraped off the pan (and in the process bending my metal scrapper) had a great crust.  I am going to have to break down and buy the pan.

Before and after baking.  Can you tell which is which?  lol

This was my dinner tonight.  Much better looking than the night I made these.

These really were quite good.  Fairly easy, too.  As I said above, I did have some issues with the pan, but that wasn’t the fault of the recipe.  The issue I had with the recipe was the portions.  It said 8 ounces, but there is no way it is 8 ounces.  The ones above were 4 ounces each and I made 11 cakes.  8 ounces????  Weight wise, it would make about 5 ENORMOUS ones.  If I went with fluid ounces, that’s a cup and it would still be huge griddle cakes.  I also replaced the rosemary with chives.  I accidentally picked up the chives anyways, so in they went.  They really weren’t very flavorful.  Next time I may add more.  Other than that – SUCCESS!

PS – anyone have any recipes with chives??


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