Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta – edited

I wanted something easy to make and I had found the recipe a couple days ago.  The only thing that I didn’t have on hand was cream cheese and the half and half so it seemed like a winner to me!

Ingredients – I made some changes from the original recipe.  I hate swiss cheese, so I replaced it with mozzarella.  I used 2% milk instead of half and half (trust me – even using that was hard for me :/ ).  And I used lower fat cream cheese.  I’m trying to LOSE weight over here, not gain it!!  You don’t see the chicken because I made the chicken on the bone and we all know how that worked last time (yuck).  I also didn’t use garlic salt.  A tip my mother gave me.  Always add the separately.  Of course, I forgot the salt (facepalm)

All layered and waiting for the cheese sauce

Cheese sauce.  At this point, I remembered that I hate warm cream cheese.  To the point that I will let my bagel cool before I put it on.  I was concerned.

After putting the cheese sauce on, I was less concerned.  I also added the garlic and onion powder.  I threw in a bit of pepper, but not quite enough as I couldn’t taste it.

Breadcrumbs corner shot.  I didn’t realize the full shot above would come out so well, so I was photographing a smaller section of the casserole.

After baking for 15 minutes.  I think that was the perfect amounty of time.  It was bubbly and hot all the way through.  The breadcrumbs didn’t brown much, but I have never been successful with that.  Seriously, when I try it on mac and cheese, you get mac and cheese  with brown dandruff.

My dinner

I got 8 decent sized servings from the recipe.  May not be for the lumberjack appetite, but it filled me up – and I am still full over an hour later.  The cream cheese and mozzarella were the perfect mix.  The cream cheese gave a slight tang that was evened out with the mozzarella.  If you like tang, then swiss would be the way to go.  I might make it into individual ramekins when I make it again (oh yea, definitely gonna make it again).  I find myself wondering how it would go if everything was mixed together instead of layered, but it works this way, so I kind of don’t want to mess with a good thing…..or add another dish 😉


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