Sunday: 9/9/2012

I was thinking yesterday and I may not show a picture for each meal (unless there is an overwhelming protest – oh wait no one reads this!  lol).  The reason being is that I was making my menus up for the week last night and I will be repeating A LOT of meals.  Such is the pain of being single and cooking.  If there is something different about the meal, I will definitely show it.  I just don’t want to have the same photos over and over again, ya know?  I will still share my menus, though, even if there isn’t a picture to go with it

Starting out the day yesterday was an egg over easy with bacon and a griddlecake.  I tried the egg style again after many years.  Yea, still don’t like it.  I like the white and the dippy part of the yolk, but the cooked yolk?  Blech.

I got a little peckish and realized that I had velveeta and salsa in the fridge 😮 so I made a snack 🙂

I switched dinner and lunch around because of someone on TV saying burger over and over again.  Here is a Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joe and watermelon.  Yes, I realize that the bun was burnt, but I didn’t care – I was HUNGRY!

Dinner is just some leftovers of the Chicken Cordon Bleu pasta.  I didn’t even bother putting it into a real bowl at this point 😀

I also had a half cup of ice cream, but I forgot to take a picture of it.  Probably because my friend was over to play some xbox.  I was surprised how filling the sloppy joe was, but the pasta wasn’t even though it filled me up the day I made it.  That always seems to happen to me, though.  The first time I make something, it fills me up and I can’t imagine eating anything else and the second time and after, it is nowhere near that filling.  Maybe because I am eating so late sometimes that I don’t have time to feel hungry before going to bed?

Anyways, here is the calorie breakdown for today:










Daily Goals:






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