Monday: 9/10/2012

I realized something while trying to take pictures today.  There is going to be a lot of half eaten food on these posts.  I am so not used to taking pictures of every single meal.  I missed a snack today and got half another snack.  Maybe I should rename the tags to “Half eaten foods” – lol

Anyways, here is breakfast.  1 scrambled egg with bacon, a griddlecake covered in ketchup and milk (ignore the trash)

Morning snack is some greek yogurt with Cocoa Beach granola from Kashi.  I grabbed it because of the cocoa part, but should have read further.  Turns out, it has coconut in it!!  Horror of horrors.  It’s not toooo bad, but I wouldn’t have bought it if I had noticed.  Not a coconut fan.  This was further hammered in as gross when my college roommate gave me coconut milk and didn’t tell me what it was.  There were things in it.  Strands of coconut.  It was like drinking something that had spaghetti sitting in it all day.  I should have known she was evil.

We have the familiar lunch of leftover Chicken Cordon Bleu pasta.  Miraculously taken before I started chowing down, so I am including it 😛  I had a friend over the other night and he had some of it.  Normally, he only gets one serving of something, but since I had so much pasta, I let him have two.  He was so excited and so am I because it means I get tacos earlier!!  lol

I had a snack in the afternoon.  This was all that was left when I remembered to take a picture.  I also had 2 Reisen’s from my boss’s candy jar

For dinner I have a sloppy joe again.  This time I made baked fries to go with it.  After this, I went back and got some more – finished all that I made!  I figured it was healthier than grabbing the chips because I wasn’t quite full yet.  Right?  RIGHT??  Always agree with the hungry girl 😉

I was starving all day today.  I think it was because today was my first day back to the gym.  My numbers were a little high, but still in the range from sparkpeople:










Daily Goals:






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