Tuesday: 9/11/2012

Today was a light food day.  The lunch really filled me up and I was busy in the evening, so I didn’t get any snacky feelings which is good.

Breakfast was partially supplied by my gym.  I go to Planet Fitness and they have free bagels the second Tuesday of the month.  It is hilarious to see how cranky people get on FB about it.  It’s like – don’t eat it if you don’t want it.  I personally love bagels and won’t be living a life where I am not “allowed” to eat something…..particularly carbs (unless medically necessary of course).  Yes, I do realize that the bagel is upside down.  No, I didn’t notice when I was making the sandwich 😦  I really need to bulk up this baby.  I really didn’t get that full with it.  I ended up eating Peanut Butter and crackers soon after finishing because I was still hungry – yes, I forgot a picture.  I got some suggestions from the forum at SparkPeople, but since I am not willing to give it up, I didn’t get many answers there.  We will see what happens next month!

Lunch was leftovers again – the sloppy joe…..partially eaten before I had a chance to take a picture.  I may get the hang of this eventually, but I doubt it 🙂

Same thing happened with the fruit I was noshing on while waiting for lunch to be heated up.  Luckily, I was able to remember before I finished the rest of it late in the afternoon.  I actually had another snack packed, but didn’t eat it because of the lunch fullness that occurred.  Figures – the day after I complain about meals not being as filling, the leftovers today filled me up as if I just made the recipe.

I also had a piece of candy…..note to self STOP GOING IN BOSS’S OFFICE!  lol.  At least it was only one piece this time.  AND I remembered to take a picture!

Dinner is something that I am sure is looking familiar by now:

Here’s all the nutrition information for the day.  Again, not too bad.  Everything in range as it is supposed to be.  I was glad  to be able to include the breakfast addition.  Without it, I would have not made it!  (Insert back of hand on forehead swoon)










Daily Goals:






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