Wednesday: 9/12/2012

Today was a little unconventional.  I didn’t have a “normal” breakfast.  I am trying to eat all the leftovers, so I had some chicken cordon bleu pasta (and forgot to take a picture).  I don’t believe in only having certain foods at certain times of the day.  I will eat what I want when I want it regardless of time.It actually makes it a lot easier to clean out the fridge before the new paycheck shopping spree.  Oh, I can’t wait.  I am counting down the days!!

After my workout today, I was really hungry, so I grabbed a Nature Valley Granola Bar.  This time, it was Oats and Dark Chocolate.  I love these granola bars.  I usually only eat one bar at a time, but the package holds two.  I just put the other one in a ziploc bag for another time.  This time, I took the extra one with me and ended up eating it 😕  And yes, I do know it was a boring photo – lol

I had some watermelon, too……..yea, forgot that picture, too.  😳  this is just a bad post for that.  I will make up for it with dinner, I promise.

Lunch was a griddlecake with sauce and cheese melted on top.  I just threw it on foil and turned on the toaster oven to broil.  Look at the cheese!! That was the BEST part of this.

Fancy, right?  Like the plastic?  It goes so well with the china, doesn’t it.  I just didn’t feel like washing my personal plate, so I used one of the ones the office lets us use.

The veggie dip that I was supposed to eat yesterday made the appearance today.  I got a better picture than the half eaten one you saw the other day

Instead of keeping strictly to the menu outlined at the beginning of the week, I fed a skinny friend who came to my house to play my xbox this week – he eats like a vacuum and weighs less than me.  Ass.  Anyways, I had originally planned to have a sloppy joe, but realized it was eaten.  I had an epiphany on what to eat.  I ran to the store after work and picked up some chips and some bread.

The chips were a pre-dinner snack.  These are Cape Cod Reduced Fat chips.  Not the lowest calorie and fat, but better than regular chips and great tasting.  I restrained myself to only one ounce here.  I was going to go back for another, but decided to write up this post instead (THANK YOU!)

As I promised: DINNER!

Right?  Totally makes up for the lack of pictures above doesn’t it?

The epiphany was to make pizza bread.  The only ingredient that I didn’t have was the bread.  I stopped at Kroger and hit a small snag.  I didn’t want a huge loaf of bread.  It is only me, after all.  I don’t have lunch meat and I am a bread addict.  They had small ones for 2 bucks, but I bristled at the price.  I bit the bullet, though, and grabbed one with whole garlic cloves in it.  Perfect choice.  The cheaper, bigger loaves would not have been as good.  This bread was crunchy, tasty and a perfect vehicle for the pizza goodness.  I sliced the bread in half, then in half again to make the two servings here.  I trimmed off the top of the bread so it would lay flat in the oven.  Throw on some sauce, cheese and toppings, Bake at around 400 until it looks like the above.  I actually have a toaster oven that is a convection oven, too.  It has a pizza setting and I just used that.

It was so good, that I am going to use the other half for dinner tomorrow.

Calorie breakdown for today.  Pretty good even with the chips and pizza, huh?

Totals: 1567 199 53 79
Daily Goals: 1410-1760 146-268 39-64 60-144

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