Saturday: 9/15/2012

A very bad no good day.  I had a rough morning due to the drinking and had some major blood sugar issues.  Drank some juice, had a snack and I was better – didn’t take a picture obviously.  More important things.  I made pizza again for lunch, but this time, I used an onion bun instead of the bread.  It wasn’t as good, but it was good enough

The snacks were just some chips and white cheddar corn puffs from Trader Joe’s.  Dinner was also from Trader Joe’s – shrimp and tots.  Later I had more chips which pushed me over my calorie count for the day.  I figured that since the day was shot nutritionally wise, it couldn’t hurt too bad.

Calorie breakdown for today – kind of makes me want to go to the gym tomorrow 😐 .

Totals: 1823 249 64 54
Daily Goals: 1410-1760 146-268 39-64 60-144

I am not posting the pictures because I don’t think that they do any of the food justice.  I am kind of burnt out on the pictures.  To be honest, I am glad this experiment is over.  It was exhausting having to remember to take pictures before you eat.  I don’t know why any one would do it regularly.  It completely ruins the whole dining experience for me.  It’s also really depressing seeing myself eating the same things over and over again.  I prefer to live in the dark about that 😉

I will have some new regular posts coming soon.  I will show you the sloppy joes and some chicken I am making and possibly the pizza boats if I remember to take photos this time!!


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