Huge Apology and a new way of making Joe Sloppy

I am so sorry!  I thought I had posted the Philly sloppy joe photos, but it turns out I didn’t.  I really didn’t cook this week besides tacos and brats and I was hoping that post would tide you over until I actually cooked.  Looks like I was wrong.  😦  In any case, here it is.  The recipe came from here.  I saw it and was intrigued.

Ingredients.  Don’t worry about the color of the beef – it was all red inside.  Also, I used the bouillon to make the broth because I thought I had some, but didn’t.  Ah well, still tasted ok.

Veggies all cut up

Steaming food – I love pictures of steaming food

Take your buns

Toast them – but not this much.  Although, it didn’t seem to matter.  There was enough juice that it softened up.

Dinner all together.  I couldn’t wait for the cheese to melt – I just dug in!

It was good.  Probably could have used some more seasonings in it.  I got 5 servings out of the recipe, but it did get tiresome after a while – as most things do.  It actually started to taste like just ground beef.  It was a nice change from my normal sloppy joe recipe, but I think I will stick with that one for the most part.  I prefer the saucier ones.


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