Throw together meal

This has been one of those weeks.  Work dragged, I felt like crap and I just didn’t feel like cooking at all.  Today, I am feeling better, but not the best.  I was tired before I even got home from work, but I still needed to get something for dinner.  These are the days that everyone is tempted to just roll through the drive thru and pick something up.  I wanted to do that too, but I knew I had plenty of food in the house.  I decided on a quick throw together meal with things I always have around the house.

Ingredients (yes, I always have pasta and sauce.  Just lucked out with the patties – don’t you keep frozen breaded veggies?  lol)

A quick boil, measure out the sauce and leave that with the pasta on the stove to keep warm.  The patties went into the toaster oven to bake/toast/broil.  Yep – used all of that to get them finished.  Why?  Cause I couldn’t remember how I did it last time that got them all crispy.  Still turned out pretty good.  Look at all this food!!  I sprinkled on some cheese cause I’m fancy like that 🙂

I did take a piece of bread and swipe up all the leftover sauce.  Everyone does that, right?  For all that, I only had 493 calories, 78 carbs, 14 fat and 20 protein.  Not perfect – but a whole lot better than any take-out meal that isn’t a salad.  And cheaper, too.  From the first picture to the last, it was only 25 minutes.  It probably would have been quicker if I could figure out how to cook the patties more efficiently.

I would have room for ice cream (read enough calories and fat in my range), but I can’t have it – see the not feeling well above.  I have asthma that has been acting up.  In addition to not breathing, I have to stay away from dairy products.  So no milk, large amounts of chocolate, ice cream, yogurt, etc.  Way to kick me when I’m down, nature!!  jerk……


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