Almond Bundt Cake

Another cake for the worker that only visits the office every couple of months.  Unfortunately, only a couple pieces made it to the office 😦  You’ll see why in a minute.  It was still a good cake.  I only topped it with powdered sugar this time.


Using a trick I learned a while ago, I ground up the almonds.

Yep – that is a mason jar on an Oster blender.  I don’t know if it works for other blenders, but it works swimmingly with Bell jars and Oster.  I have used this to make smoothies for one, too.  Use a normal – not wide mouthed – jar, insert ingredients, screw on and use like a normal blender.  DO NOT USE HOT INGREDIENTS!  These have a risk of the jar exploding because there is no where for the steam to go.  I have never tried it, but have read enough warnings to know better.

All ready to bake

This is what happens when you don’t take the time to put a cooling rack on top of the cake, flip it slowly, then remove the pan from the cake:

Broken cake.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t present desserts that aren’t pristine.  I decided to try and salvage some and took 6 pieces in for my team.  Only 2 were eaten, so I put the rest in the break room.  Only 1 piece remained.  I ate it for once.  And the rest was eaten by a friend 🙂  I can safely say my team is no longer interested in me bringing them dessert.  No problem – I will just always leave it in the break room 😉  At least the rest of the company enjoys it.


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