Yep – I made bagels. Flat bagels, but bagels regardless. I wonder how many times I can say bagels in one post? Bagels. 🙂

I didn’t take pictures because it didn’t occur to me until this morning. By that time, the bagels were half made. It was a two day process using Peter Reinhart’s recipe. The first day made the dough and shaped the bagels. The second day – or when you want to bake them – was boiling, topping and, of course, baking.

I had some issues with the toppings. I was trying to make everything bagels – my favorite – and I just couldn’t get everything to stick. I had problems with the re-hydrated onion flakes and garlic sticking to everything BUT the bagels. My strickly garlic bagel was looking a little sad. I kept some plain and added cinnamon sugar to two. I haven’t eaten those yet – just an everything bagel for breakfast 🙂

Sorry I didn’t think to take pictures until after they were baked. Here’s a couple though:
Fresh out of the oven

Cooling on the racks

Breakfast – Egg, cheese and bologna

Things I will do different next time: Boil the bagels for 2 minutes a side to try and get a less flat bagel. Try letting them rise a little longer before I put it in the fridge to try and get a bigger bagel. Possibly skip the toppings. I want to try cinnamon raisin bagels or even egg raisin bagels. Those are fantastic for sandwiches, but it involves a whole different formula for the dough.

I will be making these again, though. It is definitely a weekend project though. Not as hard as I though, which is nice.