Whole Wheat Bread – only one loaf?!? Crazy

I was extremely excited to find a recipe online for a single loaf of bread.  That’s right – ONE.  I needed to make bread this weekend because I was planning on sticking to my budget and not buying anything but milk and eggs.  That didn’t happen (damn pretzel devils), but I still didn’t buy the bread.  I bought the whole wheat flour for an earlier recipe on this site and needed to be able to use it again.  I used it once for oatmeal raisin cookies, but that was it.  I found this recipe: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/classic-100-whole-wheat-bread-recipe and decided to give it a whirl.

Ingredients – the Barley Malt is a replacement for Molasses in the recipe.  According to the jar…..this can be done.  I am glad of this, since it was another ingredient I bought for only 1 recipe.  The powdered milk was trying to save money – blech.  Not gonna happen

Mix it all together and get ready to knead:

If you’re “smart” like me, you may get the idea to use spray olive oil Pam when you see “lightly oiled workspace”.  Don’t.  It doesn’t work.  The canola oil worked much better, but still stuck as you can see in the finished kneading picture, here.

I actually have a very cold house in the winter.  I don’t turn on my heat because I hate the way it works.  This does cause issues with my baking, but I remembered an old trick I read/was told about to get the dough to rise properly.  Set your oven to the warm setting.  When it is preheated – turn it OFF and put your dough in the oven for the rising time.  My dough rose perfectly, but the top was kind of dried out.  Not to the point where it was hard, but definitely noticeable.  I just turned it inside when I put it in the loaf pan.  No harm, no foul, right?  😀

For the second rising in the loaf pan, I didn’t put it in the oven, I just left it on the counter NEXT to the oven and waited a full 2 hours for it.  This is how big it was

Even though it hadn’t “crowned” per the recipe, I still took it and baked it.  The reason is that my pans are probably closer to 9 inches instead of 8 that ALL recipes call for.  I am not about to go out and buy new either.  If it worked for Grammy, it works for me.

I baked it the full 40 minutes because my oven runs cold (I hate this apartment – lol).  I tried to take it’s temperature, but apparently mine isn’t quick enough and I ended up giving it a dent in the top.  I think sticking a thermometor in the bread is stupid.  Who wants a piece with a hole in it?  I don’t even thing I waited long enough to get the full temperature before I said 😛  I am pretty sure it wasn’t 190 degrees, though.

The recipe warns about bitterness and I could definitely see what they were talking about.  I ate it only with butter, though.  When I tried it the next day, toasted, with egg salad on it, it was really quite good.  It gave the meal a depth of flavor that I wasn’t expecting.  Next time I make it, though, I think I will try with the honey.  If that is still too bitter, I am going to try with orange juice as suggested.  I will NOT be attempting to take its temperature again, though :/  (Can you see the dent??  I can)  I will post updates for you as I experiment.  I eat bread so rarely, that this will be a good way to use up the whole wheat flour and save some money not buying the crappy store stuff.  If I can find a recipe for Potato Bread, I may never buy bread again!!


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