Casserole to Enchiladas

From the Whole Foods cookbook (again, right??), I made this a while ago when I was trying to use my cookbooks that I had amassed (I really should take a picture to show you the insanity).  It was originally a casserole, but after my first attempt, I decided to make it into individual enchiladas.  I definitely like this better, but it is still missing something.  Since the recipe turned out so many this way, I sent some home with a friend with strict instructions of thinking of what it is missing.  I wrote all of that and realized, I didn’t even tell you what I am making!!  Originally Southwest King Ranch Casserole, I give you Southwest King Ranch Enchiladas – a comedy of mishaps!!

Ingredients.  I cooked the chicken the day before in a slow cooker with some of the green salsa and some red salsa.  I had a picture for you, but it wasn’t very appetizing – trust me:

Originally, the recipe calls for you to layer the tortillas, chicken, cheese, salsa, sour cream and green chiles.  It was hard, it was messy and I didn’t like it.  For my remake, I combined the sour cream and chilies.  I added corn to the chicken and onion mixture that went into the tortillas.  I didn’t end up using all the cheese you see in the picture.  I used all the colby jack and only about half the cheddar.  I laid out all my tortillas on the counter so I could fill them easier (I think this contributed to some later problems, but we’ll get to that 🙂 )

Here’s my work area:

I wanted to try and make at least 16 tortillas.  The original recipe had a serving of 8, so that would make 2 per serving in this version.  I put the sour cream mixture down, first.  Then, I topped it with some chicken and lastly, I put some cheese on it.  I wanted a little kick, so I drizzled just a touch of Rooster sauce on top:

As you can see, I got some rooster sauce on the counters……sour cream was also present EVERYWHERE!  I think I will use some kind of scoop instead of just a spoon next time.  I rolled them up and started putting them into a 9×11 casserole dish.  I could only fit 11 in there and at this point, I realized I would be eating these things for a while.  I started a second dish and ended up with a total of 22 enchiladas.  11 servings if anyone is counting.  When I was putting them in the baking dish is when I noticed something funny start to happen.  The ones I put in first were starting to break and split.  The second dish was mostly fine.  I started throwing some salsa on to make sure it stayed moist.  I think I took too long with everything and they started splitting.  Now that I know how many the remake produces, I can try things like putting a damp cloth over the done ones to keep them from drying out.

I topped both dishes with salsa (I ran out of the green salsa!!) and cheese:

Baked them and voila – dinner:

This was actually taken after I already let them cool and put them in the fridge (facepalm).  I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture.  Slightly over done, but they were still good.  These were the ones that I gave to a friend of mine – he was shocked at how much I was giving him, but imagine if I had to eat all this myself!!

All in all, I think this turned out good despite splittings and sour cream and rooster sauce everywhere.  It seems as though there is still something missing, but I haven’t figured out just what.  I may try different seasoning for the chicken and veggie mixture to see if that helps.  I definitely think the rooster sauce helped.

OH – here it is the first time I made it:

Not very appetizing.  Can you believe that they want you to put it into an 8×8 pan????  I don’t think I have one that deep!


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