Au Gratin Potatoes

I got this next recipe from here: and mine looks NOTHING like the pictures from the post – lol.  Not sure why – maybe the cheese I used or the fact that I used half and half instead of milk.  Regardless, I think this is a wonderful recipe and will happily replace all the boxed potatoes that I may or may not be addicted to, although I may try a half recipe next time – SO MANY POTATOES!!  😯

Ingredients.  See the little small potato?  I thought I wouldn’t have enough potatoes for this because of that.  I had plenty.  I also didn’t use all the cheese in the background.

Potatoes sliced.  This was the dish I was originally gonna use.  Can you say too small??  You may be wondering why the potatoes are in water.  This is to keep them from turning into a rainbow of rotten colors.  I am not a fast slicer, especially when I need a specific width.  This was my solution to keep the potatoes viable while finishing slicing and making the cheese sauce

Making the sauce – I am a little impatient for sauces.  I was so ready for this to be done way before it was ready.  It was glumpy and odd and I was worried that the cheese wouldn’t work.  It did, of course, but it just took some time.  I used all the cheddar for this part, but I don’t know why it isn’t yellow.  Maybe because I used half and half instead of milk??  Ignore the pink nails – they are still from halloween.  I would say ignore the messy stove, but that’s a constant.

I poured the sauce over the potatoes in the new dish and put them into the oven which was too hot – of course.  I forgot to take a picture, but I snapped one when I threw it in the oven.  Then I decided you really couldn’t see anything, so it was silly to add.  Here is the dish after the first baking instead 🙂

Now, I would have been happy stopping here, but I went ahead and put on the topping and baked it some more.  This time, I used the mozzarella cheese.

Not bad, right?  It was really good and filling.  It definitely needed more salt – how do I get past the over salt fear?  I paired it with some grilled chicken.  Next time, I will try it with just milk and no breadcrumbs.  I might still do the second bake with cheese on it, but just no bread crumbs.  Possibly trying some Panko bread crumbs.  Might like that a little better.  More crunch.  This one will definitely be eaten for a while.  I am thinking eggs and potatoes for breakfast!


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