Homemade Wrap

There are times I go indulge at the local watering hole. The menu isn’t bad, a few great dishes, mostly bar food – but can you say expensive? Recently, I had one of their chicken bacon ranch wraps. I can’t stop thinking about it. BUT I may have found a damn good replacement. It does involve making the actual wraps though. I got this out of the King Arthur cookbook. They call them Picnic Wraps. I guess you need to take them on a picnic? Seems kind of cold for that, so I improvised and sat in front of my tv 😀  I found them online, too – here.  Obviously, I didn’t use their filling.  Olives are gross 😛

Ingredients. Yes, I know it’s sparse. Are you worried? I sure as hell was.

Dough worked and separated. Can you count? I apparently cannot. The recipe should make 8 wraps, but I couldn’t count, so I only made 6. Honestly, I am glad about that – you will see later.

The first one rolled out. I never used my silicone thing and since I got annoyed at my plastic dough thingy and threw it away, I figured I would try this. It worked wonderfully. I can tell you that I don’t do well with having to roll dough out in a circle. Of all six, I don’t think one ended up circlish.

First one done. When I first put this in the pan, I touched it and it stuck. I got chill down my back as I imagined the horrors that awaited when I couldn’t get it off.  What I was going to do with the ruined dough and how I was going to clean the pan. As you can see, it did NOT stick. I just had to be patient. We know how good I am at that. I actually turned up the heat at one point, but that was a mistake because they were burning a bit.

I took one, put some leftover chicken on it, some bacon that I had cooked and some ranch dressing. I tested at this point and the wrap held tight – no breaking, flaking or any other integrity issues.

Added the lettuce. Sighed and realized that my wrap was going to be a huge chicken bacon taco instead.

I actually managed to kind of fold up the bottom so it resembled a wrap like thing. There was no way I could put it down to take a picture, though. I served it with a salad that I never ate at lunch. Well, most of a salad. That’s where the lettuce came from in the wrap 😀

I will definitely make these again. I was concerned that they would taste like funky flour, but they didn’t. They had a very light flavor, perfectly chewy. I had an idea to throw in some garlic and use them for thin crust pizzas. Oooooh, they would be good for a breakfast wrap, too. I am also planning on making a garlicky shrimp recipe and I am replacing normal bread, with some of this.  I am hoping it will kind of be like when you eat Indian food with a Naan, but thinner.

Um, just so you know, the plastic dough thingy is the harder plastic thing that you put on the counter and roll and knead dough on. I don’t know the official name though 🙂


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