My first pumpkin item of the season!!

Stupid bagels.  I was trying to make another batch of them using a different recipe than the flat ones from earlier, but it went horribly wrong.  It was horrible.  The dough was the stickiest I had ever dealt with and the recipe had no indication on how to deal with it.  I got as far as shaping the bagels.  No matter what I did, the dough stuck to everything.  I got so annoyed, I trashed the whole thing.

Later, I was still feeling like making something, so I dug up the recipe I saved for Pumpkin Scones.

Ingredients.  I threw in some white chocolate chips that I had in the pantry for a while.  I also didn’t use half and half because I don’t ever have it on hand.  I hate to buy it just for 3 tbsp.  I used Pumpkin Pie spice since that is what I had.  I also didn’t have enough flour for the whole recipe, so I substituted half whole wheat flour.

Pumpkin part

Dry ingredients with butter

After incorporating the butter.  It doesn’t look much different, but trust me, it took some effort to get it this way.  I tried a pastry cutter, that worked when the butter was big chunks, but it just started clumping.  I tried a fork, that didn’t do anything.  I ended up just using my fingers for it.

I mixed it all up and formed it into a disc.  I tried to cut them evenly, but I think we all know my problems with that.  Plus, it stuck.  Of course.  I used a pizza butter as suggested, but I think the knife would be better.  I had some issues with dragging – even when I floured the cutter.

Cut up.  I ended up having some odd shaped scones.  You would think I would be able to cut things into the proper sizes by now.



The glaze didn’t work out so well, which was weird since this is the glaze I use for everything.  The sugar didn’t seem to want to dissolve in the milk.  You can see the chunks, there.

I liked the scones – the texture was great.  It didn’t seem like the whole wheat substitution had much affect on that.  The taste – not as pumpkiny as I was expecting.  Maybe the flour?  Maybe I need to add more pumpkin with the whole wheat?  Maybe cause my spices were too old?  I do need to throw them out.  I want to check my recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip bread and see what it uses.  I would love a pumpkin chocolate chip scone.  They were my first attempt at scones and I think I did a pretty damn good job – even though I can’t slice right 🙂  I think I may just have to accept the fact that I will always have to have 8 or 4.  I just can’t get the hang of 6.  I will attempt these again with more chocolate chips and maybe all white flour to see if that helps with the pumpkin flavor.

(PS – I ate two of these yesterday  😳 )


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