Uncommon Ingredients – Update to the quest

Update!  I went looking for the ingredients I mentioned in this post.  I went to a different store than originally planned.  It is twice the size and has a lot more items in the store.  I got what I needed (almost) and extra 🙂

Here’s the whole haul.

I got some frozen rice cakes.  I am hoping they will be similar to the noodles in chow fun dishes that I have had.  I love those noodles.

Udon and buckwheat noodles

Some sauces – to put on the noodles 😀

And here is what I got for the recipe.  The Vinegar is different than described, but it said Red Vinegar and I was at an Asian store.  I went with it.  I had to get some bean paste, too.  I actually didn’t get the right one, but it should be a suitable replacement according to the cookbook.  Sad thing?  I think I actually had the correct stuff in my hand and put it back.  I recognized the name on this jar and grabbed it instead.  I have no idea where I saw the name, but I am glad I can still use it.  I don’t think I can take things back to the store.

I can’t wait to make the orange flavored beef now.  It will have to wait until I return from going home.  I’ll be there for a week.  I may not have much to post, but I will try.  If not, then you can look forward to the beef recipe 😛


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