Ham, Broccoli and Cheese casserole

Pasta.  I love pasta in all forms.  I saw this recipe and wanted to try it.  The only problem is that I was supposed to have sausage pizza this weekend and I didn’t want two meals with sausage in a weekend.  I was planning on using gouda for the dish and I had a thought – replace the sausage with ham.  I love the combination of ham and gouda.  I first had the combo when I was in caribbean.  They have these pressed sandwiches at the airport made with ham and gouda.  OMG – they are the best!  I even bought an extra one so I could eat it on the plane back.  Yea, the other passengers were jealous. 🙂

Ingredients – I thought there were a lot of items, but there really aren’t comparing to other recipes.  See that milk?  I didn’t think I had enough, but I forgot to check before I started the dish.  Luckily, I had just barely enough.  I didn’t use shell pasta as in the original recipe.  Instead, I used corkscrew pasta – I saw it and wanted to use it and that was it 😉

Ingredients 2 – yea, I forgot some, but I remembered to add them in!!

Cooking ham

Ham and broccoli

Mixed up

All sauced up.  I don’t have any pictures of making the sauce since it was quick and I didn’t feel safe to leave the stove while it was cooking.

Topped with the second ingredients up there

All baked up.  Stop licking the screen!  This is not a view and taste website!

Plated on my dishes that always seem to match the food I am cooking.

It tasted so good.  I was so happy with the results.  I am definitely make this again.  It was creamy, filling and just such a good comfort food.  In fact, my mother told me that she is making a ham this weekend and the first thing I thought was that I could make this!!  They always seem surprised that I actually cook.  I can’t think of a single thing I would change…..besides what I already did 😉  I made this into 8 servings, but they just didn’t seem big enough, so I made it into 7 instead.  Yea, I know, weird, but I just emptied one container into the others evenly to make 7


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