Comfort Noodles

It has been such a crappy week that I was looking for some comfort food to cook this weekend. I had found a lo mein recipe I was going to tweak and then it hit me – I already had a great, simple noodle recipe that wasn’t an Italian influenced one. Garlic Noodles!!! I found this one a while ago and was hooked. Let me tell you, it is really hard for me not to eat all of it.

Ingredients. Now, don’t freak about the Oyster Sauce. It is an odd ingredient, but, I guarantee that it doesn’t taste fishy at all. A deviation from the original recipe is that I used udon noodles. I also didn’t include the green onions. No matter what I do, when I try and mix anything in, it all ends up on the outside of the noodles. Chicken, veggies, everything – a halo of food around the noodles.

Sauce all mixed up

Noodles boiling – I thought it looked cool 🙂 Although, it may resemble something no one wants to eat besides fish and birds.

When the sauce was cooked and the noodles drained, I took one of these:

Put them both in and shook the crap out of it to get this

Looks good, right? While that was happening, I took some ground beef, threw some seasoning on it and made these to go with the noodles

What, you don’t eat asian inspired noodles and cheeseburgers???

I absolutely love this recipe. I made it into 4 servings as a side – satisfying, but still able to add some protein or add some vegetables to beef it up and make it into a complete meal. I am so glad I remembered I had it.

Now, if I could only stay away from the microwave popcorn that is calling my name……


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