Clouds of Happiness

Some days you just want to bake.  Unfortunately, when I bake, that means I am left with many, many more goodies than I could or should eat.  Luckily, I have a friend that I have gotten addicted to these little gems 😀 – perfect plan.  I get to bake and we both get the rewards.  These are really simple, but it takes patience working with egg whites.

Ingredients – the seemingly empty bowl is the egg whites.  The original recipe calls for white and dark chocolate chips.  While that is good, I went with milk and dark chocolate this time.

Beaten to soft peaks

Beaten to firm peaks.  This is the part that takes the most patience.  You have to make sure you beat the egg whites long enough to form these types of peaks.  I thought I was done earlier, but gave it some more time and I got these – beautiful

All mixed up with the chips.  This is a delicate part of the recipe.  You have to be gentle when folding in the chips so the egg whites don’t deflate.

First batch ready to bake.  I used a cookie scoop for this, but anything that transfers the “dough” (not sure what to call whipped egg whites and chocolate chips).

The original recipe says it makes 30 cookies – I usually get twice that.  I don’t know what the difference is, but those must be some huge cookies!  Here’s the second batch

First batch cooked.  Now, traditional meringues are not supposed to brown.  Mine always do and I don’t know why.  I know the oven is a little hot, but I now account for that when setting the temperature.  Maybe I need to set the oven shelf lower.  I also don’t cook them to the minimum time.  They always feel dry when in the oven, but as soon as I take them out to dry, they get sticky.

The whole haul – minus 2 or 3.  Hey!  I had to test them!!

I love these cookies.  They may not be traditional meringues, but I don’t like them anyway :).  These are a little crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside and the chips add a creamy factor.  Plus, with so little ingredients, it’s easy to make.  They are low calorie treats that make you feel like you are grossly indulging.  I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have this in my handwritten cookbook, but that has been remedied.  Next time, I think I am going to try and replace the vanilla with almond to go with the chocolate better.


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