Retro dip

The other day, I was writing out all the recipes in my handwritten cookbook and I came across Spinach Dip.  Oh yea, I am bringing it back!!  I could not get it out of my head – the seasonings, the creaminess – insert Homer drool.  I just HAD to make it.  Sad part?  I couldn’t eat it last night because I made a couple snafus with grocery store purchases and ended up buying higher calorie items.  I will defintely be having some during the day today.  I bought some thin triscuits to go with them.  I have plain and parmesan garlic.  I think they will both be good, but since I have been craving the seasoning, I will and just use plain this time.  There are 4 cups to eat, so I think I will get a chance to try with the other ones.

Ingredients – I did not use all the sour cream.  It just so happened that I had tacos last night and needed some extra.  This was the perfect size.  I also used more spinach than was called for in the recipe.  My coworker made this a while ago and the proportion of spinach to creamy dipness was way out of wack.  I bought a 2 pound bag of spinach instead of the brick.  With what was lost when squeezing dry, it was the perfect amount.  I hate water chestnuts, so they were out.  As for the green onion?  I didn’t think they were necessary.

Ready to mix

All mixed up

Yep – that’s it.  I cannot wait to have it.  I will stress that the refrigeration time in the recipe is key – it gives the time enough for all the flavors to blend.  It was a huge difference from when I first mixed it to later last night when I tasted.  I am bringing it into work to share.  I still hope to have enough to last the rest of the week and possibly over the weekend.  I may separate some and keep it home to ensure this 🙂  Hey – at least I am sharing, I should be able to keep some of my own!!


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