On the subject of substitutions

And I don’t mean the substitution of things like baking soda and baking powder, I mean the ones that people use to save calories and insists “It taskes just like the real thing!”.  Um, no, it doesn’t.  I am one of the many people struggling with their weight and I must admit – I have tried a couple of them with very little success.  I don’t know if people are actually enjoying this or they are eating it “because it’s good for you”.  While I do try and incorporate healthier foods in my diet, I don’t eat things I don’t like just because it is good for me.  You won’t get any beans, brussell sprouts, peas in this stomach!

Oil – Let’s be real here, it is better to use a vegetable oil than spray chemicals from a can.  I actually see recipes where you coat teh food with the spray!  Fat is healthy and good for you in reasonable limits.  Healthy oils help your skin, hair, nails and with digestion.  I have the baking spray, but I don’t use it like a condiment.  I use just enough to coat the pan.  I tried the spray stuff and I can’t stand to use a lot.  I can taste it in my food very distinctly.  Give me some good old olive oil

Potatoes – I love them.  I eat them frequently, but they get such a bad rap.  Too many CARBS.  All about the CARBS.  Let’s forget that they are a very filling, low calorie meal (you know, if baked and not smothered with cheese and bacon bits).  Now, when I want mashed potatoes, I measure everything and use skim milk instead of full fat or 2%.  I still put in butter, but I use the real stuff in the stick.  Maybe not quite as much as I would like, but enough to get the taste of the butter.  The broth mashed potatoes are nowhere near a good replacement – even though the tipster swore “it was just as creamy as the fattening one”.  I am glad I only did a small amount of that – poor potatoes.  Mashed cauliflower is also bad.  I don’t know why I tried it here, but I will never do it again.

Pasta – Spaghetti squash is only a good substitute if you like squash.  I do not.  But since it “Tastes just like spaghetti”, I tried it.  OMG – it smelled so bad to me that I immediately tossed it and thew some pasta in water.  I love pasta.  Growing up in an italian family, it was an easy, cheap, filling go to meal when no one felt like cooking.  Instead of loading my plate, though, I portion it all out.  When possible, I make individual servings in ramekins.  This takes all the guess work out of it.  I try and buy the Plus brand from Barilla or smart taste by Ronzoni – the one with the veggies in it.  I do have some whole grain, but I don’t go to it a lot.  It has such a strong taste that I don’t like it in replacement of normal white pasta.  I think it is good prepared simply so the whole grain taste can come out.  If I did like spaghetti squash, I would do the same thing.  It isn’t pasta, doesn’t taste like it, doesn’t have the same texture, don’t treat it like pasta.

Eggs – omg, so much hatred for the poor little egg.  I admit, I did buy the egg substitute for a while, but it was so expensive when comparing to regular eggs.  I have replaced 1 of the 2 eggs I eat in the morning with an egg white.  I started doing it because of the fat and, of course, calorie counting.  Now – it’s the perfect amount of egg for me.  Two whole eggs leaves me feeling stuffed.  Weird, right?

Desserts – What some people do to desserts is just sad to me.  Beans in brownies, avacados in pudding, applesauce for oil.  Has it gotten so we can’t even eat dessert without trying to “fix” it?  I admit, I do use lower fat in some of my baking adventures, but I can always tell the difference.  I will gladly have my full-fat, glorious brownie (albeit a smaller peice) and enjoy it!  Ok, I just ran into a recipe that uses beets in chocolate cupcakes.  WHY??!?

Substitutions I will make are normally just getting a lower fat version of the food I want.  Like skim milk, 2% cheese, lower fat yogurt, low fat sausage, turkey pepperoni, etc.


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