Pizza and the continuing dough issues

I don’t know why I continue to try and make things like pizza dough when I always have so much trouble with it, but I did and it wasn’t a happy experience again.  I got the recipe from a link on a blog I follow (I am sure you can tell that I follow many 🙂 )


All kneaded.  I had issues just with kneading the dough – no matter how much flour I added, it stuck all over the place.  I put it in the fridge since I wasn’t going to be making it the same day.

I finally got around to it about three days later.  I took some parchment paper and tried to stretch it out.  I didn’t get very far.  It all stuck to me, it kept bouncing back no matter how long I waited.  I finally gave up.  They don’t look very big to me and I was disappointed in the sizes.

I made two types: Pepperoni

And Taco

I prefer the meat under the cheese when I am making pizza.  for some reason, it seems to work better for me.

I don’t have a pizza stone, so I just baked these on a cookie sheet.  I didn’t take the parchment paper off halfway and I don’t think I would have been able to.  When I took them out and tried to remove the paper, it stuck.  Seriously?  I was so annoyed.  I did bake them a minute or two too long – it really wasn’t as bad as it looks – I promise 🙂

Inner is pepperoni and outer is taco – I swear, it looks worse than it tasted.  It really wasn’t burnt at all

Well, cooking on a baking sheet made the bottom kind of not a not cooked feel – it’s hard to describe.  Since the dough kept shrinking, there were folds all over the place on the bottom.  It was surprisingly salty, too.  I don’t know what happened with that.  The texture was ok, but all the other problems I had doesn’t really inspire me to make this again.  It wasn’t blow me away or close enough to want to go through all the frustration again.

I think I may have to abandon the attempts to make homemade pizza.  It only remotely worked once and that time, the dough didn’t have enough salt (facepalm).  Also, sorry about the dark pictures – I finally took the plastic off my view screen on my camera and it makes everything look so much brighter until I get it into the photo viewer.  I should have left the plastic on, apparently – lol



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