Birthday Cakes

Today is my birthday.  To celebrate, I made myself some cakes 🙂  I have a cookbook that is filled with dry mix recipes.  This is the first one I tried.  I only made half of the recipe since it makes 8 cups of mix.  4 cups is all that is needed for the cake recipe, so that’s all I did.

Ingredients for the dry mix.

Wet ingredients, but only the egg whites are used.  I didn’t read the recipe through and I was actually supposed to whip the egg whites.  I just threw them into the batter with the milk and vanilla.  OOPS!

Ingredients all mixed up.  You can see it is a fairly thick batter.  I was concerned that the cakes would be like rocks.  I filled the cupcake pan and realized there was a lot left over.  I made a round cake, too.  I didn’t get any pictures of the pre-baked cakes because it didn’t  really look that appetizing……and I forgot about then cake (facepalm)

Here they are all baked up

The cupcakes aren’t heavy at all.  I haven’t tried the cake yet, but I really liked the cupcakes.  It was a nice light flavor.  The top was pleasantly crunchy

I made icing from the cookbook, too, but I didn’t like it at all.  It was just like the stuff that I use to ice my sugar cookies.  I didn’t think it would work well on the cupcakes.  I made another recipe from Joy of Cooking instead, but that didn’t really work out instead.  Since I have a pretty good basic cake recipe, I now have a vehicle to test other icing recipes.  I think the mistake I made with the Joy of Cooking cookbook was I didn’t use beaters.  It was melted chocolate, cream and powdered sugar.  I do have a picture of them all frosted, but it looked so bad I decided not to post it.  Nothing like flat icing to destroy a cake picture.  I literally used my fingers and smooshed the icing on.  It didn’t spread very well….to say the least.

I have a few more recipes from this cookbook that I want to try – pancake, biscuits, and bread.  The thing I was really disappointed with this book was the recipe I came across that told the person reading it to put RAW garlic into olive oil.  Seriously?  What editor let that pass through??  Has no one ever heard of botulism?  You should NEVER put raw garlic into olive oil and let it sit there.  I will try some others, but I am wary about any of the recipes that you mix ahead of time and let set – like the cake stuff up there – especially with the oil and garlic recommendation.


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