Oat Candy

The first granola recipe I got was so good, I couldn’t wait to try another one.  I picked the Dark Chocolate Cherry.  This time, I actually read through all of the steps – you’re impressed aren’t you?  😉

Ingredients.  Can I just say that Sunmaid REALLY needs to redesign their seal.  I tried about 5 times to close the stupid bag before giving up

Cherries and oats mixed.

I didn’t get a picture of the Nutella and the Honey.  Think about it – Big hunk of dark brown goo in the middle of a golden pool of liquid.  What you’re thinking?  Yea, that’s what it looked like.  It was actually really hard to get the Nutella to melt.  The honey was even bouling and the it still didn’t want to melt.  I may have had to heat it a little more because this was way harder to mix thouroghly than the last recipe.  I even tossed the spoon and ended up using my hands to finish it.  Even then, it doesn’t look very chocolately before being baked

Every 10 minutes, the granola gets stirred until it is cooked for an entire 30 minutes.  You can see it darkening after just the first 10 minutes.

After it is done, you place the chocolate chips on the hot granola while it cooks.  I took these a little too early.  I didn’t have the patience before tasting it.


It is definitely very good.  I don’t even know how to describe it.  The nutella doesn’t really give a hazelnut taste, but it is very chocolatey.  The cherries are a wonderful contrast to the rich flavor and the crunchy granola.  This is definitely more crunchy than the last.  Unlike the last, I think this benefits from being crunchy.  It is just really good.  I am definitely becoming a fan of the homemade granola.  I have another granola recipe from this website in the queue of recipes to make.  I almost want to finish this so I can make that one – lol.  I have been noshing on this for a bit and, MAN, does it take a lot to chew!  I think I will only bake for like 20 minutes next time.


2 responses to “Oat Candy

    • I was going to try it with Vanilla yogurt, but forgot it at work (Doh!). I can’t wait to make the Triple Chocolate one, then I will have three in my arsenal! I also have a few others bookmarked to try – I hope you won’t think I am stalking you – lol

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