The cycle begins again!!

Like many people out there, I am struggling with my weight.  Now, don’t look back at the recipes and go “Duh!” – lol.  I actually fit all the stuff on this site into my eating plan.  What I haven’t been doing is tracking my calories at all.  No measuring of the snacks that you don’t see on the site (including devouring an entire bag of chips over the course of one day 😳 ).  Running through fast food because I have that urge (especially after drinking).  I have let it run wild in the past couple months and ended up gaining 15 pounds on top of the 35 that I had to lose in the first place.

Well, I stepped on the scale yesterday, got depressed, got some fast food for both lunch and dinner.  Yea, that helped right?  I decided in the middle of dinner that this would be my last hurrah of eating what I wanted.  I got up after, made myself a healthy breakfast for today, got some pasta and made lunch for today and tomorrow (if not more).  I wasn’t planning on going back to tracking calories, but I mentally smacked myself in the back of the head and I got on the tracker and reset it all.  I knew the pasta wasn’t going to be exact, but at least I was trying again.

You probably won’t see much change in the content here, but I wanted to put it out there and have other people know.  More accountability.  I won’t bore you with all the details – just bitching and moaning here and there 😀

Hope everyone has a good week!


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