Snow with a side of Chicken and Rice

This weekend, something weird happened here in North Cackalacky.

I planned on making Chicken and Rice casserole that I found here then, but the chicken from the freezer didn’t thaw – lol.  Nothing better than a nice warm casserole on a cold day.  Too bad the snow was melted by the next day (facepalm).  I ended up making it a few nights later

Ingredients for the soup part

Ingredients for the rest of the casserole

I didn’t have a 9in pan so, I replaced it with this.  I figured if it was a 9×9 pan and this one was an 8×10, it was only 1 inch off.

The soup cooked.  I am such a fan of cream of chicken that I drink it without actually using it to cook.  This version of the soup isn’t something that I would eat alone, but I thought it would be good in a casserole.

Mix it with the rinsed rice and the seasoning and you get…….something that looks exactly the same (facepalm)

Ready to bake.  Yea, this really didn’t look like the picture from the website.  I was hoping it was because of the size of the pan and it would all turn out ok.

This is what happened when it was done.  Soup skin.  So appetizing, right?

Next steps were to shred the chicken.  I had some issues with the shredding and mixing it, but this is what it looked like after.  A little closer to the picture on the website, but still a lot more wet.  Kind of savory rice pudding with chicken.

Close up (just because it’s cool 😉 )

It wasn’t a bad recipe, just a lot more soupie than I expected.  The picture on the recipe looked drier….in a good way – lol – I promise!  I, again, made the whole recipe and have 8 total servings of it to fit into my eating plan.  The good thing is that it is low calorie, the bad thing is that when reheating, it was really gluey.  I also added WAY too much pepper, but that’s my fault.  Maybe I didn’t cook the soup long enough?  Not sure.  I honestly don’t know if I will try it again, but definitely not if it gets warm.  Winter is almost over down here 🙂


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