Last Granola Recipe…..for now :)

This is the final recipe for granola that I planned on making.  I would have made it sooner, but I had problems finding the Dark Chocolate Covered Raisinets.  I decided to stock up on all the ingredients for all the granola recipies, since I couldn’t find the raisinets for so long.  Of course, I couldn’t find the stupid cherries this time *SIGH*


Mixing the chocolatey sauce.  I had to nuke it a little bit because my brown sugar was a little old.  If I didn’t, it wasn’t going to end up a nice smooth sauce.
TCG_Chocolaty Sauce

I really struggled to get it all mixed up again.  I need a special granola mixing class or something.  I still got it mixed and spread out to bake.  You can see that I still missed a few places.  I really didn’t notice when I was eating it.

Add Ins.  I decided to throw the rest of the cherries in because there wasn’t enough to make even a half recipe of the nutella granola.

Add ins in with the hot granola.  I have gotten used to having nice chocolatey chunky granola that I went ahead and put all the add ins on the hot granola.


This is where it gets weird.  I tried the granola on the night I made it and it actually tasted sour.  I could figure out what happened.  The only thing I could think of was that I forgot the salt.  Is salt the opposite of sour?  Regardless, I let it cool completely and put it in a container.  It still tasted ok, just a bad after taste.  I figured that I would be able to mix it with some granola and call it good.

Fast forward a couple days.  I opened the container and grabbed a piece.  I kept munching at it, expecting that sour to hit me, but it never did!!  Maybe it needed a rest time?  No matter, it was really good.  The granola itself (without the chocolate parts) reminds me of the nature valley chocolate granola bars.  I loved it.  I have no idea what happened between the baking and the snacking.  I don’t know if I want to know.  I do know that I need more containers to hold all the granola I plan on making – lol


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