Shepard’s Pieish type recipe

I have no idea when I found this recipe.  It’s been in the arsenal for a bit of time.  I finally bought some ground meat to be able to make it.  I took a few shortcuts with it that made it a less labor intensive recipe

Ingredients (Forgot the potatoes).  The barley malt was a replacement for molasses.  The canned tomatoes and frozen onions stood in place for the fresh.  Quite frankly, I was feeling a little lazy and these were both cheaper options.

First things is to cook the potatoes.  The recipe called for 2 pounds.  This was a little under and was almost too much

And make mashed potatoes out of them.  The recipe called for the potatoes to me made with oil and the water the potatoes were boiled in.  That didn’t sound very good to me, how about you?  I decided to go ahead and make real mashed with milk, butter, and salt.  I mashed them with a hand masher instead of mixers so it would have a little more texture.

The onion gets cooked until softened and add the beef.  Next comes the tomatoes and everything gets cooked together

While that’s cooking, you make a sauce out of all the wet ingredients

Add that to the beef mixture for the base of the recipe.

This is another place I went different than the recipe.  It said to add the beef to a casserole dish and top with the potatoes before broiling.  I don’t know what your casserole dishes are like, but I am almost positive that mine say no broiler.  I decided to just use the skillet as a casserole dish.  I knew it would be fine in the oven since cast iron is used in direct fires (thank you cooking channels)

I used a fork and made some indentations in the potato so that it would look a little better after browning.

Close up and close up with a flash.  I am not sure which one looks better, but I liked them both.  Looking at them side by side like this, though, the one with the flash looks better
BPP_UpClose BPP_UpClose_Flash

I made it into an 8 serving cut because it is just easier for me to cut anything that way.  I ate it with a garlic cheddar biscuit.

I really liked the recipe.  It was a little sweet, but balanced by the potatoes very well.  I think adding some heat to the beef mixture would make this even better.  I am considering making my sloppy joe recipe as the base next time.  Something easy and even though it seems common, something I never would have thought of to start myself.  Sometimes the easy answerers aren’t always the ones that come to mind first.


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